Where Is The Best Place To Get A College Education And Degree Online?

You want to get a college degree online, but where to start? This article lists fantastic starting points, no matter what you want to study.

If you want to get a degree online, these days you have lots of options. With the dawn of the Internet Age, many institutions of higher learning are offering "distance learning" online; in many cases, you don't even need to attend class at any certain time. With each passing year, more and more colleges are making degree programs available online. How can you get started?

First of all, it's important to realize that distance learning has changed over the years. With the advent of internet technology, schools that have always been traditional brick and mortar institutions are now accessible from your home computer. Where this type of learning used to be confined to things like trade schools - remember the old "correspondence courses" for things like gun repair and tax preparation? - these days, you can get everything from a two-year degree to a doctorate online.

What's even more encouraging is the advent of "big name" schools taking to the internet system. Most everyone has heard of Phoenix Online, the school from Arizona that specializes mainly in advanced business degrees. But did you know that there now exists a University Alliance, which attracts great schools for distance learning participation? Some of the schools involved in the University Alliance include Villanova, South Florida, Tulane University, and Jacksonville University, among others. Although the programs available online from these universities don't include every program offered at each school, there are a strong assortment of programs, including master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and certification programs. As of autumn of 2004, the University Alliance is planning to add more schools to their mix, according to a recruiting representative from Villanova.

Many people will associate distance learning with business degrees, and this is largely an accurate assessment. If you are looking to get a master's in some area of business, the first stop is necessarily Phoenix Online. According to their website, University of Phoenix was founded in 1976; since the Internet Age has taken off, so has Phoenix Online, which offers business degrees, and which specializes in advanced and specialized MBAs. Phoenix is "accredited." This means that just like its counterpart brick-and-mortar schools, University of Phoenix is recognized by the Federal Government. In addition, University of Phoenix courses are taught by real-world professionals, many of them with master's degrees or doctorates in business. One great thing about learning on the internet is the availability of faculty not just from one regional area. This allows University of Phoenix and other online schools to use faculty all over the county, a distinct advantage over traditional schools.

Like its brethren the University Alliance, On-Line Education is a coalition of schools who band together for marketing purposes. Sporting terrific institutions like Berkeley College, Boston University, and Eastern College of Music, On-Line Education is a fine starting place when narrowing down your degree of interest.

As such, On-Line Education is a fantastic reference. Of course, the business schools are well represented, with Devry University and Allied Business Schools among the clients. But if you're after a computer science degree (Boston U, among others, is highly rated), a criminal justice degree (Southwest Florida College), or a bachelor's of Christian Music (Eastern College), it is likely that On-Line Education can direct you to the vocation of your choosing.

Computers aren't just the wave of the future, they're the here and now. If you want to get a computer tech degree online, there are several institutes that are highly touted. Pittsburgh Technical Institute is known to have excellent programs for general programming as well as IT (information technology) management. Kaplan College is particularly noted for computer science; Kaplan's special relationship with the University of Alabama allows for students to access U of A's impressive library, making learning that much easier. What's really great about the Kaplan - U of A alliance is that computer science majors in particular will have access to great databases like Computer Source, as well as TopicSearch and NewspaperSource, among others.

None of this is to say that you must pick from the limited list of schools in this article. It would be impossible in a short piece to list all the best schools in every subject available online. But what is great is that there are many schools with distance learning - internet capabilities, and more institutions are being added everyday.

Where is the best place to get your online degree? That may depend upon what it is you want to do. Rest assured, however, that the days when correspondence courses were limited to gun repair and cosmetology are long past. Institutions of higher learning are now completely wired into the Internet Age. They're just waiting there for you.

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