How to Place a Propane Gas Line Under an Asphalt Driveway

By Mike Schoonveld

Perhaps you are adding a permanent propane-fired grill to your patio’s outdoor kitchen or a gas fireplace to your living room, but the best location for your propane tank is on the opposite side of an asphalt driveway. You don’t have to tear out the asphalt to bury a fuel line to your new appliance. Using water pressure from your garden hose, you can “jet” a conduit under the driveway through which to run the gas line.

List of Items Needed

  • PVC pipe, 3/4-inch
  • PVC pipe fitting, 3/4-inch PVC to male 3/4-inch NPT
  • Adaptor, 3/4-inch NPT to Garden hose thread
  • Garden hose, 5/8-inch
  • PVC pipe cutting tool
  • Trenching spade
  • Tape measure
  1. Dig a narrow trench at least a foot deep from the propane tank to where the gas line will go under the driveway using a trenching spade.

  2. Measure the distance under the asphalt the gas line will need to run.

  3. Cut a length of 3/4-inch PVC pipe 2 feet longer than the distance measured in Step 2 using a PVC pipe cutting tool or an oscillating tool equipped with wood and metal flush cutting blade.

  4. Make a garden hose connection to the end of the PVC pipe by gluing a 3/4-inch PVC to male 3/4-inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) fitting, then screwing on an adaptor that allows a garden hose to be attached to the end of the pipe.

  5. Connect a 5/8-inch garden hose to the PVC pipe and lay the length of pipe in the bottom of the gas line trench.

  6. Turn on the water to the garden hose.

  7. Shove the PVC pipe into the soil underlying the driveway once the water starts flowing. The water jetting out the end of the pipe will blow away the soil in front of the pipe and the whole pipe can be inserted under the roadway with very little effort.

  8. Continue pushing the PVC pipe under the driveway until the hose connection is within a foot of the edge of the asphalt.

  9. Shut off the water and remove the hose.

  10. Dig on the opposite side of the driveway to expose the end of the PVC pipe.

  11. Continue the trench until you reach the terminus of the new gas line.

  12. Uncoil the gas line from the location of the propane tank to the edge of the driveway, then insert the gas line into the PVC pipe, pushing through the pipe to the other side. Continue pulling the gas line through the under-driveway conduit to the terminus.

Tips and Warnings

  • Recruit an assistant to help with the conduit installation.
  • Wear protective eye gear when operating power tools.

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