Where Is The Best Place To Put Speakers From A Home Theater System?

Where is the best place to put speakers from a home theater system? Depending on the position of your speakers, you can get a better home theater experience. It all depends on the type of speaker; for example,...

It all depends on the type of speaker; for example, the Bose systems come with the small cube speakers that could be mounted on the ceiling. The difficult part is the wiring that goes behind the walls. The average consumer can't really get behind the walls when wiring, but in new construction it's easy to get the wires in because you have the studs without the sheetrock.

It doesn't necessarily give you a better quality of sound, but it gives you more directions. In other words, when you place that speaker in certain areas of the room (like the top left or right corners, or in a spread away from your TV) you have a better experience. Sound comes towards you. Compared to just putting it on top of your television set, you will have enough angles to get to the ears.

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