The Best Places To Hide Your Money And Valuables

Learn how to properly hide your valuables. When we least expect it, robberies occur, cleaning people are dishonest, and strange people have an eye on our things.

A robbery occurs. Jewels, money and your sense of self has been taken and invaded. Moral of the story? Know where to hide your most prized possessions, including money (if you keep money in the house).

No, sometimes, the bank isn't the most convenient place. Some people are old-fashioned and keep their earned goods very close to home--in it. If this sounds like you, learn clever places to hide your belongings so that they are not an easy target for thieves.

So, you like the security of having the green stuff close by? Well, this is acceptable, but, places including boxes, safes, and jewelry boxes for money are not acceptable. These are very typical hiding places. If you want to get clever, choose places that you wouldn't normally think money would be in. Do you own a bookshelf with books? Books are a great hiding place for money, as long as it's not too obvious. If you have any unusual containers that "appear" to be holding something else, say for example, pantyhose, chocolate, coffee, laundry detergent, or a box of animal litter, use them to hide money, precious jewels, gold, or coins. If you're confused about what to use, ask yourself "Where doesn't it make sense to put my ring/one-thousand dollars/coin collection?" Trickery is your best defense in this case.

People have been known to keep money out on tables, in their purses, in the cabinet, and in the top drawer of their dresser. Places like these make it easy for a robber, cleaning person, or babysitter to clean up and quick. Do not give people this kind of access to your money--even friends.

If you own a precious collection of something inparticular that you "show off" perhaps in a cabinet for that purpose, then you cannot hide these items from strangers, as they are out in the open for show. But, if you want to, have for example, a glass collection in your home, choose not to have it displayed by a main door or window. Choose somewhere else in the house to display it--somewhere not obvious and a bit obscured. You can never be too safe.

Sometimes, the backs of appliances offer good "little nooks" for hiding things. Battery cases are good spots if they're not filled with batteries. What about those little swinging latches in the backs of most picture frames? You have to get creative to obtain the gift of hiding things. The more you think about it, the less chance you give a robber to find your most personal things. And it just may improve timing for the police, too, because from a speculative standpoint, the robber will be fumbling through the house unable to find anything, thus, wasting time and possibly making himself easier to nail for the police.

Ultimately, the best best place to hide and harbor money, precious jewels, and coins is at your local bank. Your local bank will usually have safes or lock boxes that you can use for this purpose. But, again, if you insist on the home for hiding things, stick with the above advice.

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