Places To Visit On St. Lucia Island

Living on St. Lucia Island paradise for years at a time, one has many opportunities to explore the many beauties. Travel with me ,for just a moment, to some of the most gorgeous sites of the caribbean.

St. Lucia is a small island located in the Eastern Caribbean. The island is approximately 238 square miles made up of mountains and volcanoes. This tropical paradise has a populations of roughly 150,000 people, primarily of African descent. The island's economy is based on agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing (with the primary emphasis on agriculture in the banana industry). St. Lucia has a long history of which the island passed between French and British ownership. Although, today St. Lucia is an independent nation one can still still the prevelance of the different cultural aspects of history. Both a French Creole and a dialect of English are spokenm on the island. Further many of the cultural aspects of St. Lucia can be seen in the evrything from the tasty caribbean cuisine to the rhythmic sounds of the music.

Along with many of the interesting historical and cultural facets St. Lucia can voasts of it'a amzing natural beauty. As you may imagine St Luciais rich in beautiful sites. here are some of the most majestic, breath taking things to do while you are visiting St. Lucia:

On Foot:

1. Hiking the Volcanoes: There are two amazing volcanoes on St. Lucia that are safe for exploration. It is recommended that you hire a guide to go with you, as the trails may not be well marked. Further, ropes and some technical expertise are required equipment for hiking the larger of the two volcanoes. Guides charge various rates depending upon the size of the group, and the time of day the hike is taking place. One could expect to pay a local person roughly 10-40 dollars for a guided hike up and down the volcanoes.

2. Hike in the Rain Forrest: There are various hikes in the rain forrest in the South of the island. Some of the hikes are short and some are lengthy (one goes across the whole island and takes about nine hours!). It is important that you have permission to enter the rain forrest. you can call the hational Tourist Board or any variety of tourist organizations for current contact information to gain permission. Some tours through the forrest are as low as 5 dollars and others that included transportation, a picnic lunch, sleeping accomodation, as well as the guide may cost a bit more (50 - 200 dollars).

3. Other Hiking: Ther are many gorgeous tropical sites, with endless sun, palm trees, and animals that only reside in this portion of the world that may not be nearly as publicized as the volcanoes or the rain forrest hikes. The best way to navigate your way to these sites is to go to a local community and ask the local people in the villages where to find beautiful waterfalls, views, and so on. Some of the safer and more accessible villages to do this in are: Anse la Raye (waterfalls), Grand Anse (sea turtles mating), Soufreir (the sulfur spring baths), and Anse Chastenet (black sand beach with marine reserve-snorkeling). These are some of the less publicized hikes that tourists can do relatively easily, safely, and less costly than big tours. Do not be mistaken by the fact that these hikes are not advertised so readily, these are some of the most breath taking sites one could ever hope to see anywhere in the world.

4. Of course one could not foget the beaches! Pigeon Point National Park has a clean and safe beach surronded by this historical landmark that boasts of an interprative sign tour, Rodney Bay is tourist heaven, it has miles of beaches, water sports, restraiunts, and shopping!,and Anse Chastenet, a black sand beach with a marine reserve where people snorkle readily are some of the different beaches one can find in St. Lucia. Every where you go you can find a beach!!

By Boat or By Car:

1. Catamarans, sailboats, kyaks, and motorized boats are available to take out with or with out guides to explore the island. One place one can reach only by boat and that is not spoken about often is a small island located off the shore form Waves Restraunt in the North of the Island. You can take any number of water vehicles out to this island to explore this uninhabited beauty for free (permission may need to be granted for entering this island-check with your local tourist board).

2. Many people opt to view the volcanoes, rain forrest , sulfur spring,a dn the beaches by car or boat. If hiking is too strenuous in the heat of the tropics one can rent vehicles and easily get to these sites to spend hours relaxing, swimming, or taking shorter hikes.

Upon arrival in St. Lucia it is easy to maneuver around with both public and private transportation. Further, the local people know everything there is to know about the island and can guide you if you are open to letting them. Lastly, the best times to visit the island may be during the dry season, oopposed to the rainy season so that you can enjoy all of the beauty hassel free!

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