How, And Where, To Plan A Cross Country Ski Vacation

A guide to planning a cross country ski trip complete with tips on location, equipment, and precautions.

When planning a cross country ski trip it is always good to plan ahead, especially if this is your first time. You will want to make sure that you are in good physical shape, proper equipment, good lodging. Just remember when you are in good shape then everything else falls into place. The best place to start is by starting a simple routine of aerobic exercises. Get that old heart pumping; never start too fast work your way slowly into it. Always remember as you breathe, your heart pumps oxygen and that means your blood vessels are getting the muscles going to produce energy. Remember no pain no gain. The more mental and focus you become the more your heart becomes fit and the less likely you are to have an accident. Soon you will find the more fit you are the longer you are able to endure.

Safety is very important when cross country skiing. There are things a person should always be aware of and they are as follows: frostbite, hypothermia, snow blindness, altitude sickness, and always beware of the wind and understand its side effects.

It is always important to dress properly when doing anything outside. Always remember to dress in layers. Cotton should never be worn - the reason for that is because cotton absorbs perspiration, whereas if you were to wear something like polyroplene or something like synthetic fiber that would not stick to your skin.

Turtle neck sweaters are great to wear under a sweater especially wool or the most comfortable sweater you have. You know what is most comfortable and what is warm to you. Hat and gloves are a must when you feel good then you will truly enjoy the day or if you don't want to wear a hat there is always a headband, goggles, but keep those ears and fingers warm.

You will want a place to put your money so you can stop off a get some hot chocolate, never try to ski too much too far.

When it comes to your gear you can always go to a local ski shop. There is one basic concept when it comes to selecting the correct gear: the toe and the front should always be locked in place and the back should be free to move up and down your toes should not be able to wiggle. When it comes to your poles, it will depend on you height, weight, and ability. Generally boots and bindings are sold and rented together.

It is always important to make sure your equipment is in perfect condition if you are renting your equipment it should feel right or take it back, this is what sets the pace of the day.

If you are traveling through the airlines with your skis the best thing to remember is that if you have planned your trip ahead of time, you know where you are going, you have checked all the weather conditions, reserved you hotel, flight, to save time you might want to think about doing this: Everyone is allowed to check 2two bags with the airlines if your ski equipment weights more than 70 pounds you could be charged by the airline. The airline can chare up to $80 for one-way for any excess luggage, however there is help on the way there is a company called Sports Express, if you have access to the internet they will give you a quote, they will come pick up your ski equipment from your house and deliver to the destination of where you are going to be and you will know that it will be there safely before you leave and you don't have to worry about lugging your skis.

If you are a first time skier it is always recommended to take cross country ski lessons. Once you start your trip you have everything planned out whether it is with the airlines, hotel, lodging, you have the proper back pack, it is always important to remember these simple rules:

1. Always know the trail designations and do not go where you are not supposed to go.

2. Always remember to be courteous of people around you.

3. Always be prepared.

4. Always take a Camera with you.

If you have access to the internet places like,, all have great packages, to the likes of the Rockies, Yellowstone, or whether you want your travel to be here in the United States on International. Just have fun and be safe.

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