How To Plan A House Warming Party

Ideas for throwing a memorable house warming party where the new homeowners actually get things that they need.

When a couple or even a single person, moves into their own home for the first time, it can be a huge burden to furnish and outfit every room and get everything they need just to live. Without even having the basics of a salt or pepper shaker, stocking a new place can get quite expensive as well. Fortunately, a long time ago, someone invented the housewarming party. A housewarming party is a get-together where everyone brings a gift for the newly moved salt and pepperless people. Housewarming gifts can range from a butter dish to a microwave, but how do you make sure the people don't end up with four toasters and no soap dish? If your housewarming party is going to be large, the best ones are, you need to organize it so that there aren't too many duplicate items and this way, your friends will get more of what they really need.

Organize your party list into groups by room. Put more people into the groups that need the most things, like the kitchen. Put each group in touch with its members so that they can discuss their gifts, or make assignments. On your party invitations you can list a few things as suggestions and ask your friends and family to call you with their gift purchase so that you can make a checklist.

A wishing well, like is used at wedding and baby showers, can be used for small items like utensils, napkin rings, placemats, etc. If you have a wishing well, be sure to mention it on the invitation, this is a great way to fill in those small items. Don't forget to include thank you notes as a wishing well gift.

When planning your refreshments, assume that your party location does not have plates, utensils, glasses, etc. and either be sure someone brings these things as a gift and get them out ahead of time, or bring paper and plastic plates, cups and flatware.

Try to plan the party as soon as your friends move in so they won't buy too much ahead of your party and it's always fun to make a housewarming a surprise event.

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