Plan An Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaway

Romance need not be expensive. Plan an inexpensive romantic weekend 'getaway'. You can have love, romance, sex, and a wonderful weekend on a budget.

Romance need not be expensive. Plan an inexpensive romantic weekend! You can have love, romance, and a wonderful weekend with the one you love without busting your budget. Here's an easy recipe for a romantic weekend at a reasonable rate!

1. If you have kids, plan a weekend away for them. Ask grandparents, friends, or other relatives to take your children for the weekend. Promise to do the same for them soon, or to do some other favor that they need done.

2. Turn the ringer off on the phone. Let your answering machine take your calls.

3. Rent several films that you both want to watch.

Choose films that will help set the mood for love.

4. If you drink alcoholic beverages, invest in a bottle or two of good wine. If you do not drink alcohol, invest in a few bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling cider to create a festive mood.

5. Plan several simple, but pleasing meals. Share in the preparation of these meals. The kitchen can be an erogenous zone. Food can be very sensual.

6. Bathe each other. Never mind trying to shower together, you'll wind up fighting for the prime spot underneath the spray. Take your time. Lovingly caress your partner, as he or she allows you to bathe them.

7. Get dressed up as if you were going out, but don't. Dine by candlelight in your kitchen or dining room in your best clothes.

8. Have fun. Play some old music. Play the music you danced to when you first met. Dance.

9. Undress each other.

10. Trade massages.

11. Stay up late and sleep in late.

12. Plan breakfasts that don't demand cooking. Share fresh fruit, coffee, and juice in bed.

13. Lounge around the house together in your sexiest nightware. If all you have are sweats, lounge naked!

14. Take the time to tell each other just how much you mean to one another.

15. Take out your old photo albums and look at them together. Remember special moments that you have shared. Trade favorite moment stories.

16. Tell each other just what attracted you to one another in the very beginning. What attracts you to each other now?

17. Play strip poker. Be a gracious winner or a sexy loser.

18. Focus on one another. Don't veg in front of the tube, clean house, or get on the computer. Use this time to really bond.

19. Focus on what you have, not what you don't have. You have a whole weekend to spend together. What else do you need?

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