Planning A Baby Shower?

This article lists several ideas for planning a baby shower for the party host that are designed to create the

Are you the lucky friend who has the honor of hostessing a baby shower? Then you are in the right place! Here are some really cute and easy ways to impress the mother-to-be as well as your guests! Also, here is a little advice: Don't stress out! Don't plan more than you can handle! Don't force your guests to play "baby shower games!" No one REALLY enjoys playing those silly games and we all know it. Whew!

OK, here are some decor suggestions:

1. Make a faux clothes line out of ribbon (Blue? Pink?) and then attach with clothespins clean (!) baby diapers with the letters "B-A-B-Y" written on each diaper in the color fabric pen of your choice (blue, pink, etc.). Other words and phrases are: It's a boy! It's a girl! Congrats!

2. Make tiny pacifiers out of two white Certs and a jelly bean! Glue the Certs perpendicular to each other with white cake frosting. Here's how: Just lay out several Certs flat on the table. Put a small amount of frosting on top of each one. Stand the other Certs on end and adhere them to the flat ones. Then, after the frosting dries, turn the Certs over and use the frosting to attach a jelly bean to the other side of the flat Cert. Instant pacifier. Allow to dry on a sheet of wax paper.

3. Use empty baby bottles as flower vases! This one is always a surefire hit! Tie a ribbon in the color of your choice around the bottle (pink, blue, multi, whatever!) and fill three quarters of the way to the top with water. Add some happy flowers and you are done! When the shower is over, you can rinse the bottles and give them to the expectant mother as part of your shower gift!

4. Use empty baby food jars as votive holders! Not only do the candles create a soft glow and welcoming atmosphere for the mommy to be and your guests, but they are also extremely cute and noticeable. Go ahead and time some colored ribbon around these, too!

5. Confetti, confetti, confetti! Any party supply store will have confetti in "baby" colors. Sprinkle it on tables, counter tops, mantels and coffee tables. It is a wonderful, subtle touch.

6. Do not forget to provide some form of chocolate!

7. Save all of the ribbons and bows that are part of the individual wrapping on the baby shower gifts. After the shower, attach them to a Styrofoam ring to make a cutesy wreath for the new mommy's hospital door or the front door of her home. This is a touching gesture that lets your expectant friend know that you are still thinking about her, well after the baby shower is over and done with! Mommy's need a little extra attention around this time in their lives. Every little bit counts!

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