Planning A Beach Vacation In Los Cabos: Resorts, Cost, Clothing And Weather

With the wide variety of affordable and all-inclusive hotel accommodations available, even the common folk among us can enjoy the luxurious surroundings of Los Cabos.

When celebrities from John Travolta to Hillary Duff need a little "r and r", they frequently escape to the beautiful and sunny Los Cabos, Mexico. Its location on the Baja Peninsula allows for a short flight from Los Angeles, which makes Cabo a convenient vacation spot for Hollywood stars. The enticing scenery and the frequency of impeccable weather comprise only a hint of Los Cabos' appeal. Fortunately, with the wide variety of affordable and all-inclusive hotel accommodations available, even the common folk among us can enjoy the luxurious surroundings of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos, like other Mexican vacation spots, thrives on its wide array of all-inclusive resorts. All-inclusive generally means that all meals and beverages, including alcohol, figure into the cost of the hotel, and thus you do not have to pay for any food or drink while on the hotel's property. These types of resorts are an exceptional bargain for families, couples, or anyone on a budget. The food selection may not always be superior at all-inclusives, but most hotels offer a variety of different types of cuisines, so finding something for everyone should not prove difficult.

While Los Cabos is not a large area, the hotel options seem limitless and new construction begins every day. Whatever your budget, a resort fitting your price range can easily be found. If you are looking for the most economical deal, try The Calinda or The Costa Real Cabo Resort. The Costa Real offers something unique in the fact that the hotel is modeled after an adobe style. Both hotels are all-inclusive and both will cost you less than $200 a night. If all-inclusive is appealing to you and your budget can be stretched a little, resorts such as the brand new Riu Palace and the beautiful Royal Solaris are good bets. Both are family-friendly as well as fabulous getaways for couples. Numerous food and beverage options are available here. Every room at the Riu faces the ocean, which consists of the bluest water in the world. The Riu ranges from $400 to $600 a night on average, while Royal Solaris is a little more affordable at $300 to $400.

All-inclusives are of course wonderful options for families and those operating on a tighter budget. However, if your price range knows no limits, a handful of Los Cabos non-inclusive resorts epitomize luxury. The One and Only Palmilla is in a league of its own. Seemingly the most favored destination of celebrities, Palmilla pampers you from the get go. The hotel staff will greet you at the airport in a Hummer, and transport you to some of the most amazing grounds imaginable. From the meals, to the rooms, to the spa services in your room, you really do get the star treatment here. A Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course flanks the hotel grounds, which is quite convenient for the golfers in your group. The Palmilla ranges anywhere from $325 to a whopping $1600 a night. Expensive, but most would agree well worth it.

The Westin Resort and Spa, the Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort, and the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Resort and Spa all may be part of major hotel chains, but the atmosphere at these resorts is anything but typical. Again, the scenery, service and amenities at these hotels will blow you away. It really is difficult to recommend one hotel over the others. You won't go wrong at any of them. If lavishness suits your fancy, prepare to enjoy. Again, luxury doesn't come cheap however. These resorts range from $175 to an even more whopping $2500. But again, if you can afford it, don't be afraid to splurge.

As previously mentioned, impeccable weather tends to be the norm in Los Cabos. Per year, the average rainfall hovers around a mere seven inches. So obviously, sunny skies should be expected pretty much year-round. If it does rain, fear not. It won't last long. August and September normally see the most amount of rain, while precipitation is virtually non-existent during the spring (March-June). June through September boast the hottest temperatures, usually in the mid to upper nineties, while daytime temperatures throughout the rest of the year range from the seventies to eighties. Even at night, temperatures rarely drop out of the fifties. Unless you don't like warm and you don't like sun, then the chances are quite good you will revel in the weather that awaits you in Los Cabos.

Deciding what to pack should not be a tedious task for those planning a trip to Los Cabos. With the weather usually so pleasant, light clothing is all that's necessary. A bathing suit should be everyone's essential must-have item first and foremost. Tank tops, lightweight tees and shorts will suffice for most of the year. If traveling during the "winter" months, a sweater and jeans are nice to have in case the nights get a little cool. An umbrella or light rain coat might not be a bad idea if vacationing in Cabo during one of the rainier months, although you could probably risk not bringing any rain gear and you'd be fine. Flips flops work well around the pool, although roaming around barefoot is not uncommon in Los Cabos. If you plan on venturing into the heart of the town, a pair of tennis shoes is nice to have to battle the uneven sidewalks and pebbles. A hat to protect your face and head, along with your favorite pair of sunglasses are the final two necessities for your suitcase.

Los Cabos truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. For sun and water lovers, there isn't much better. Word is spreading, but unlike places such as Acapulco and Cancun, Cabo currently enjoys a less touristy atmosphere and thus, less crowded surroundings. Magnificent weather, friendly people and stunning scenery are only some of the many wonders Los Cabos presents to visitors. From Americans to Canadians to Europeans, everyone marvels at this amazing place. So do yourself a favor and indulge in all that Los Cabos, Mexico, has to offer.

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