Planning A Child's Party

Your child's party doesn't have to be expensive or tightly scheduled to be fun, so loosen up and have a good time!

When you are planning your child's party, you want it to be perfect. After all, the other parents are going to be looking to you for ideas whether it be for what to do or what not to do and it can be sort of a social stigmata to throw a bad party! Sometimes, parents want the party to be so perfect that they loose focus of the main objective of the party, the birthday girl or boy. The parties are so over organized and the decorations so perfect, the outfit, the hair, etc. that the kids just don't have as much fun. On the other hand, it is a really bad idea to let your child be in control of the party as it could turn into a giant "˜me-fest.'

You can throw a great party without spending too much money or getting too uptight. The key to a good party is to organize, but not to be too strict with your timelines. A child's party should be short, 2 hours are usually plenty. Don't plan too many activities, one or two games will do if you don't want to rush the kids. Remember to leave time for playing and socializing and have a specific order for when you will do cake and presents, etc. even if you don't stick to a timetable. A themed party will help guide you with decorations, cake, games and goodie bags. Once you pick out a theme the ideas will come more easily, for example, a pirate party theme could include a search for buried treasure, eye patches for all the guests and a lot of yo-ho-hoing by the adults which will be sure to gain giggles from the crowd.

Try to include the other children in the gift opening process. It can be hard for kids to sit around and watch another child open presents. Have the children help by handing gifts to the birthday child and taking the gift after he's opened it and putting it in a specified place. Be sure your child thanks each child, even if they did not bring a gift, keep track of who gave what gift on a notepad for personalized thank you notes afterwards.

Remember that most of your guests will probably not finish a whole piece of cake. Cupcakes are a great alternative and you can send extras home with your guests. If you make your own cake you can decorate it to match your theme and save money as well. Be sure to give each child a goodie bag to bring home, goodie bags let them feel like they got a present too!

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