Planning A Garden Themed Birthday Party

Put on a children's party with a fun garden theme with this great ideas.

A garden themed party is great for both girls and boys. Keeping the decorations, food and activities in the theme makes the party a magical experience for everyone.


Let your guests know they are invited to a garden party with fun "potted" invitations you make with simple supplies.

What you need:

Brightly colored paper cardstock, including green

Glue stick



Cut two layers of brightly colored cardstock into the shape of a classic terra cotta plant pot, so you have two identical pots. Cut strips of the green cardstock into stems; feel free to add leaves. Use the other colors of cardstock in layers of two to cut out bright blossoms; make two identical pieces of each blossom. Glue the stems to one of the pot pieces, so the stick out of the pot. Glue the second pot to the top of the stems and first pot, so the stems are sandwiched between the two pot pieces. Use the same method with glue and the flower blossoms to sandwich the top of each stem inside a blossom.

Once the glue is dry, write the invitation on the pot, providing the date, time, location and occasion for the party.


Fill vases, mason jars or other containers with fresh or paper flowers. Use a green table cloth to set a grassy scene for the dining table and serve food on dinnerware festooned with a bug motif. Label plastic watering cans with each guest's name, using a paint pen; set the watering cans on the table and use them as place cards. Consider placing a small trellis against one wall to hold balloons. Strings of lights shaped like bugs or flowers complete the festive mood.

Food and Drinks

Traditional picnic fare is perfect for a garden party. Start the meal right with healthy and festive miniature finger vegetables served alongside an assortment of dips. Small sandwiches, cut with cookie cutters into flowers, leaves and vegetables are always a hit. Miniature fried chicken legs or chicken nuggets are a great hot entrée most children love.

Finish the meal with garden cupcakes: Make standard sized cupcakes, and top each with chocolate frosting and crushed chocolate cookies. The cookie crumbs on top of each cupcake look like fresh dirt. Place gummy worms on each cupcake, sticking one end of each worm down into the frosting and "dirt". Finish by placing the stick of a flower shaped lollipop in the center of each treat.

Games and Activities

Decorate a plant pot: Start the party by letting each child decorate their own terra cotta pot. If the weather is nice, this is a great activity to do outdoors.

Purchase a three or four-inch terra cotta pot for each guest; it is always good to have a couple extras in case one breaks or an extra sibling tags along. At least a full day BEFORE the party, cover each pot with a layer of latex paint or acrylic craft paint in a neutral color, such as white, beige or soft peach.

Provide paint markers, sequins, glitter glue and any other decorations you can think of for the guests to decorate their pots. To reduce mess, simply limit the decorations to markers and stickers.

Build a bug: Making wacky bugs is lots of fun. Provide egg carton sections for the bodies, pipe cleaners for feet and antennae and googly eyes to let each guest craft his or her own bug. Multiple egg carton sections can be strung together to make long caterpillars. Paper cutouts can be used to make wings for flying insects.

Watering can relay: If you are having an outdoor party, a watering can relay is a fun way to play. Fill a large tub or wading pool full of water and place it at one end of the yard. Break the guests into teams; each team receives a watering can and has an empty bucket at the opposite end of the yard. Each team member must take turns filling the watering can and racing the water to fill the empty bucket.

Bugcatcher: Hide plastic bug figurines around the party area and set the guests to finding them. The one who captures the most bugs wins a prize!

Goody Bags

Garden goody bags are fun and useful. If you don't use plastic watering cans for place cards, they make ideal take home items. Also, consider stashing a packet of seeds, plant and bug stickers, plastic bug figurines, and small garden tools in your goody bags.

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