Planning A Princess Party

Use these ideas to put on a perfect princess party.

Give any little girl the royal treatment with this princess party. From the invitations and decorations to her royal highness' activities and goody bags, these ideas will help you plan a perfect party.


Set the mood for your party with the invitations you send. Create invitations shaped like a crown, a castle, or a beautiful princess dress. Make sure to include the date, time, location, and whether a meal will be served; encourage guests to wear their favorite princess outfits. A little glitter glue accenting each invitation really makes it special.

This sample invitation can be used for a princess birthday party:

You're invited to a

Princess Party

in honor of Kaylie's birthday

Saturday, October 12, 2004

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Lunch will be served

Please wear your favorite princess clothing!

Respond to Kaylie's Mom (Ann) at 555-1234


Make your guests welcome with a glittery banner on the front door. Hang pastel streamers from the ceiling to form a canopy over your table or main party space. Place a soft cushion on each chair or tie a ribbon bow to the back of each to make thrones. Small helium balloon bouquets in pastel colors can be used to adorn the room, as well.

Instead of party hats, provide simple paper or foil tiaras or crowns for guests to don when they enter the party. With a room filled with princesses in flowing gowns and glittering jewels, decorations can be kept to a minimum.

Food and Drinks

To create a meal fit for a group of princesses keep the menu simple. Dress up ordinary kid-friendly sandwiches, such as peanut butter and jelly, cheese, and turkey by cutting them into simple cookie cutter shapes. Stars, diamonds and hearts work nicely for sandwiches.

Serve finger slices of fruit with strawberry yogurt dip and carrots and celery with ranch dip. Pretzels or crackers round out the meal.

Pink lemonade is a perfect thirst quencher for thirsty royals. Consider making it with sparkling lemon-flavored water for a little fizz, or server sparkling apple or grape juice in plastic goblets.

For dessert, bake a princess castle cake or serve individual cupcakes with sparkly candy decorations.

Games and Activities

A craft is a good way to start a children's party; it keeps guests busy until everyone has arrived and works as an ice-breaker when not everyone is acquainted.

Gem Necklace Craft: Making gem necklaces is a hit for most little girls. Offer a bowl of large, brightly-colored beads along with lacing yarn or stiff gold cord to each guest to make her own jewelry.

Decorate a tiara: Cut out bands of cardstock, approximately twenty inches long. Scallop the upper edge of the tiara. Provide crayons, markers, glue, stickers, feathers, sequins and other glittery decorations. The princesses should decorate them while they are flat. Once they are done, the tiara can be sealed to fit with a small piece of masking tape.

Party games and activities keep little princesses having fun:

Treasure vault activity: Fill a large bowl with small dry beans or rice. "Bury" small prizes, such as plastic rings or princess figurines in the beans. Each princess can put her hand into the bowl and pull out the first prize she finds from the "treasure vault".

Princess Bingo: Use princess themed stickers to make small bingo cards. Create a four by four grid on each card and place a princess sticker on each square of each card. Place corresponding stickers on small card stock squares and place them into a bowl. Use small coins or plastic gems as markers. As you draw out the squares, call out and show the items to the players - "Pink Crown", "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty" - until someone has found four items in a row.

Kiss the frog: Draw a large frog on a three-foot piece of card stock. Cut out large pink or red lips and write each girl's name on a set of lips and attach tape to the back. Blindfold each girl and have her try to "kiss" the frog by placing the lips on the frog's mouth.

Princess dress-up: Provide a bin of dress-up clothing for the princesses. Include feather boas, gaudy jewelry, scarves, hats, tutus, purses and high-heeled shoes in the mix. Take a picture of each princess in her dress up outfit and send a print of the photo with your thank you card.

Goody Bags

Send each princess home with something that will help her remember her royal day. Charm bracelets with princess motif items are the perfect gift for older girls. For younger princesses, fill goody bags with sparkly bead jewelry, glittery sheer lip gloss and candy rings. Shimmering stickers, glitter crayons and other small toys can be added, as well.

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