Planning A Romantic Evening

Ideas for planning and carrying out a romantic evening. Ideas for making the dinner and atmosphere a hit.

The key to making a romantic evening special is to keep it simple. If you are running around making the food or lighting some candles it takes away from the romance. Keeping it simple will allow you to be more mellow and less worried about what lies ahead. Follow some of the tips below to ensure a romantic night.

It is a good idea to try to have everything ready before the special someone is scheduled to arrive. Be ahead of yourself in case they arrive early. Many of the preparations can be done ahead of time and will make the actual set up time less. For instance, you can set out silverware, tablecloths, glasses, candles, and flowers ahead of time. These are less things that you will have to worry about minutes before the person arrives.

The dinner should be simple and easy to make. Start with a Caesar salad and fresh dinner rolls. Follow with a something like pasta. Pasta is good because you can prepare it ahead of time and mix noodles and sauce together and bake in oven. This will entail you to eat leisurely and not rush through the first course. Pasta will not overcook in the oven and generally tastes better because the sauce will cook into the pasta. Another idea is crab or lobster. This is something that you can also make ahead of time and keep warn in the oven. The downfall to crab or lobster is that it is a messy meal unless pre-shelled.

Dessert should be pie or cake, nothing that is too complicated to make or takes a lot of last minute preparation. The key is to have a bottle or two of your favorite wine on hand. Also, have glasses of water pre-set on the table so you are not getting up to get glasses and water. A flask of ice water is a good idea, too.

Some of the things you can prepare ahead of time and will cut the last minute preparations in half. Linen or cotton tablecloths with napkins can be pre-set. Silverware, plates, and glasses can be arranged ahead of time. Setting a nice flower arrangement in the center of the table is a good idea, although make sure the scent is not too strong and that it does not obstruct the eye contact.

The atmosphere is the mood creator and will entail how the evening unfolds. Even if you are not familiar with classical music, this is a great time to try it out. You want some mellow music that will flow with the conversation. Classical is a great form of music because it is relaxing and pleasant. Turn it on low, just enough to be heard and not loud enough to distract. You should be able to speak in your normal tone of voice and be heard.

Next, light candles and turn the lights down. This will make the mood highly romantic. The key to candles is to use many different heights and thickness. Use an assortment of candle sizes, but try to stay clear of candles with strong aromas. You do not want the candles to be overpowering.

To prevent interruptions, it is a good idea to unplug the phone or turn the ringer off. A romantic evening can be spoiled if your mother calls to check in and see how you are doing. Try to tell friends that you have this evening planned, to shy them away from dropping by unexpectedly.

This is an easy and delightful way to impress your loved one. It is the thought that will count and make them smile with delight. Knowing that all of this planning was for them, is sure to make the night special and romantic all in its' own. Relax, be yourself, and enjoy, as this is your night too!!

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