How To Plant Tomatoes

How to plant tomatoes to obtain optimum growth in your garden.

Tomatoes are a delicious fruits (not vegetable) that many of use can grow in our homes or in our gardens. When they are home grown, tomatoes taste better than store bought. Stores bought tomatoes are picked unripe and don't have the chance to achieve their optimum taste.

If you decide to grow your tomatoes from seed here is how.

* Start by selecting small pots to plant your seeds in. Make sure they are drainable.

* Then fill these pots with organic soil

* Put your seeds about an inch into the soil.

* Then cover your pots with a plastic bag or cover. This allows the seeds to germinate.

* Water the seeds from the bottom.

* Within 7-10 days, you should see signs of growth.

* Move them to a sunny area of your house and allow them to grow.

* As your tomatoes begin to grow move them to a larger pot or plant them outside (preferably plant tomatoes outside in the springtime). Plant your tomatoes in area that receives full sun. Also, plant near a tree or shrub that will provide wind protection. You may want to plant them near corn if you have corn in your garden.

* When you plant, your tomatoes plant them deep.

* Fertilize your tomatoes when they first begin to grow and every month after that. They require more fertilizer after the bear fruit.

* Tomato plants need plenty of water, be sure to water everyday or two.

* Tomatoes take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to grow. If you can't wait that long there are fertilizers that specialize in speeding up the growth of your tomato plants.

In the event that the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, cover you plants up.

Enjoy your tomatoes.

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