Planting A Don Juan Rose Bush

Plant this beautiful rose bush in your garden will greatly add to the atmosphee. The don juan rose is a beautiful addition to any lawn or flower garden.

The Don Juan is a very bright climbing rose. Their blossoms can grow up to five inches in width. The Don Juan rose makes a beautiful backdrop for any flower garden.

Since the Don Juan rose is a climbing plant, it is best to plant it near a trellis or fence. It will need this support for the best production.

The Don Juan rose does well with dwarf spruces or small firs. They compliment each other very well, to make your flower garden look well planned.

The Don Juan rose needs plenty of nutrition to grow properly. When planting remember to add plenty of natural fertilizer, such as fine manure.

The Don Juan rose is simple to plant. There are a few steps that must be taking to ensure its full potential.

To plant you will need:

Don Juan Rose bush


Fertilizer, preferable manure


1. Dig a hole the size of the rose roots. Take two or three shovelfuls of manure and place inside the hole.

2. Place the roots so the cane of the plant will be ground level, replace soil and firmly pat down.

3. Place compost around the bush up to two inches high, water well.

Remember this rose needs plenty of fertilizer, when growth begins fertilize with liquid fertilizers about once a month.

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