Plasma Tv Buyers Guide: Identifying A Quality Unit That Will Last A Lifetime

Tips and advice for purcahsing a plasma television that will last a lifetime.

With a full savings account and a little investigation, your search for a high quality plasma television for the family room can be an easy quest.The technology of a plasma display enables a higher resolution of images than conventional television sets.A higher resolution results in the display of millions of colors, image clarity and brightness, as well as a wide or regular screen size display.A plasma television will also include a flat screen, which aids in the image clarity since curvature is no longer necessary.This slim, flat screen enables space saving abilities and options for placement within a room.So set your budget and use this guide to purchase a quality plasma television that will last a long time.

The gas plasma inside the plasma television has been rumored to only last a few years; this is simply untrue.The longevity of a television depends upon the viewing hours and use; but an average of fifteen years, and possibly many additional years, is a good estimate.Most manufacturers state longevity of 25,000 viewing hours.Put in perspective the average U.S. household enjoys four to six hours of television viewing each day (including games) equaling fifteen to seventeen years of viewing pleasure.

First decide on the television size.When purchasing, the screen size is measured from one corner diagonally to the other.This is simply the screen size - not the entire unit size.Measure your selected area and record it; bringing a tape measure with you to the store so size and placement won't be a problem.In addition, think of an alternation option to your desired location and size option.Plasma television can be mounted on the wall, above a fireplace mantel, or fit in a different location due to its thinness.

Select your budgeted amount and stick to it.Plasma televisions come in various sizes and with various options that increase the price.Know your limit and don't be intimidated by pushy salespeople.

Research the major manufacturing brands.A popular manufacture name, one that has been around for some time, is most likely to offer a quality product for a competitive price.In addition, a well-established manufacturer will be willing to repair or replace the product should problems arise.

Speak with the salesperson and be very specific.Ask questions on why one model is better than the other and continue to ask until answers are clear and concise.Be certain to tell the salesperson the typical use of your television; games, DVDs or videos or basic television viewing.Some models will display the images of a game far better than others.However, if you don't use your television for games, why pay the difference.

Don't forget to inquire about the cables and accessories that come or don't come with the television.Many plasma televisions need to have a tuner connected to establish a signal.This is similar to the common cable systems, but may require an additional cost.If connecting your new television to a sound system, you'll also want to purchase the highest quality speaker cables you can afford.Setting up a system with quality cables, establishing a separate electrical outlet just for the sound system, keeping cords as short as possible and arranging them in a figure eight pattern rather than a ball or loop, all will increase the sound quality.

To keep your television in great condition, there are a few basic maintenance tips.

Register your new television with the manufacture.Usually a registration card is included with the television and should be mailed in as soon as possible.This will assist a great deal if problem arise with the television somewhere down the line.

Turn the unit off when not in use.

Keep the monitor/television in a well-ventilated area so the cooling mechanism isn't working too hard.

Use just enough of the brightness and contrast levels.During daylight hours or in a bright room, the brightness and contrast levels need to be high; however, lowering them for night or dark room viewing will extend the life of the television.

Try not to pause a picture on the plasma screen for more than a minute.A phosphor burn of the image itself can result if left unattended.

And, of course, keep dust and other particles off of the television itself with frequent cleaning.

With these basic tips and an educated, non-impulsive purchase, your plasma television will keep you entertained and happy for a lifetime.

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