How To Play Chess!

Learn how to play the game of chess. A game of strategy and wit.

Chess is a game that has been around for ages. A game of strategy and wit. A game full of varitery and change. You are confronted with a new and exciting game everytime you sit down to play. Now, when I say that many people get the impression of a boring game meant for anti-social outcast, but the game can truly be fun for everyone. You can start playing the game at any age too. If your kid is bored, pop out a chess and teach them while their young.

First, let's look at the chess board itself. If you've never seen one, there not that hard to find. The board is a flat square with 64 smaller squares inside. In those little squares you will place the pieces. Now don't go putting those pieces just anywhere, I'll explain where each piece goes and what each does.

Object Of The Game: The object of the game is to kill your oponents king. Now, this may not sound so hard, but wait until you get into the game. Once you've learned how to play, you'll notice how the game relies on strategy and thinking.

The Pieces:

Rook, Bishop, Knight, King, Queen, and Pawns. Each of these pieces has a variety of movements, so it is important to become familiar with each one. Below is each piece, and their own unique ways of moving.

Rook: This is the square appearing piece which can only move sideways or down and up. It doesn't matter how many squares you move the piece, as long as it goes straight across or down. No matter how you use this piece, watch out for it because it is one of your better pieces.

Bishop: This piece looks like a pawn, but is slightly taller. This piece moves diagonallly along the squares. This is a good attack piece.

Knight: This piece generally looks like a horse, and it moves two spaces up or across and then down one. This piece is good for defending and threatening the king.

King: This is the most important piece in the game, but he can only move one space in any direction. Never let your opponent get near this piece. You should always keep an eye on your king, and be weary of attacks.

Queen: This piece can move in any direction and as many spaces, except she can't jump over pieces. As you learn to play, you'll begin to love this piece. It can defend or attack at all times.

Now there are the pieces, but where do they go on the board?

Ok, on each side of the board you will only use the first two rows of the board. So, never start off a game by placing pieces in the middle of the board.

On the very back row on each side you will place the following pieces in this order: Rook, Knight, Bishop, King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook. Now, the only thing I will need to warn you is that the Queen will always go on her color. On the next row you will simply put a full row of pawns, this goes for each side of the board.

Now, that you're familiar with the game of Chess, go out and find yourself a board. Some people play the game for hours or seconds, just start playing the game. And remember the more you play the better you will get. Skill comes with practice, so if you want to be a great chess player go out and practice. If you lose your first couple of games, don't worry about it. You must always remeber that it is just a game.

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