How to Play a Computer DVD With a DLP Projector

By Ty Arthur

  • Overview

    Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors provide a much crisper and higher quality viewing experience than many modern CRT or LCD televisions as well as the ability to display video on a much larger viewing area. Projectors can be connected to several different input sources, including a computer so you can play DVD movies or games.
    How to Play a Computer DVD With a DLP Projector
    How to Play a Computer DVD With a DLP Projector
    • Step 1

      Check the ports on the back of your computer to see if it has an "S-Video" cable input port, which usually will be connected to your graphics card. Look in the packaging for your DLP projector to see if it came with an extra S-Video cable, as not all projectors will provide one.
    • Step 2

      Plug one end of the S-video cable into the back of the projector and the other into your computer. If your computer does not have an S-video input, purchase an S-video to USB adapter and plug the cable into an open USB port on the computer.

    • Step 3

      Download a DVD playback software program, such as DVDSoft or Cyberlink DVD player, if your computer does not already have one. Insert the DVD into your computer.
    • Step 4

      Switch on the DLP projector and position the display on a wall or projector screen.
    • Step 5

      Run the DVD playback software and hit the "Play" option to play the DVD through the projector.
  • Skill: Moderately Easy
  • Ingredients:
  • DLP projector
  • Computer
  • DVD
  • S-video cable
  • Tip: If there aren't any images being displayed through the projector, try restarting your computer in case it isn't detecting the projector.
  • Tip: Anything that appears on your computer screen can be displayed through a DLP projector. You could even use the projector as a huge screen for chatting with a web cam or playing a computer game.

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