How to Play Crossbow in MAME

The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator emulation software allows you to play older cabinet arcade games on your computer. One of the games that you can play is "Crossbow." The arcade version of "Crossbow" uses a controller input shaped like a crossbow. Moving the crossbow positions the cross hairs on the screen, and pulling the trigger fires your virtual weapon. Playing "Crossbow" on MAME requires different controls.

  1. Start "Crossbow" on MAME. A copyright notice displays on the screen.

  2. Press "O" and then "K" to confirm reading the copyright message. The game runs through a series of start-up tests, a common procedure for games played using MAME. You'll see a series of letters and numbers and different colors flash on the screen before the game starts running.

  3. Push "5" on the keyboard to emulate adding a quarter to the game.

  4. Press "1" to start the game.

  5. Move the mouse to position the on-screen cross hairs over the targets.

  6. Click the mouse to fire the crossbow.

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