How To Play The Game Boticelli

play the game of Botticelli, a guessing game using the alphabet. One person chooses initials of a famous person and the other players have to guess who it is.

Botticelli is a great guessing game for many can play the game at once. Another nice thing about the game is there are no game boards or playing pieces involved so you can play it anywhere!

This game is geared to adults and older children as players must know the names of many famous people. The more fampous people you know about, the better Botticelli player you will be.

To play, one person becomes the "chooser". The chooser thinks of a famous person and tells the rest of the players the initials of the person he is thinking about. In some games, the chooser will just give the initial of the last name as it makes it more challenging and thus, more fun.

The other players become the questioners. They are to ask questions to help them discover who the famous person is that the chooser has picked. The questioners can work together, though the person that gets the correct name wins and is the next chooser.

The first quesioner may ask about the person's career, or what they may be famous for. For example: if the chooser has chosen Elvis Presley, he tells the questioners the letter "P". The first questioner might think it could be Pablo Picasso, so the questioner may ask "Are you an artist?" The questioner wants to stump the chooser and confuse him. If the chooser thinks he knows the questioner is thinking of Picasso, he can reply, "No, I'm not Picasso" then the next person asks a question.

If the chooser has no idea who the questioner is thinking of, the questioner must reveal who he was thinking of and then gets to ask more revealing yes or no questions. Such as, Are you male? Are you living?, etc, The chooser must answer the yes and no questions truthfully.

After the yes or no questions are answered, players start asking more descriptive questions again. Every time the chooser is stumped by a descriptive question, he must answer a yes or no question. This can go on for hours(another reason very small children would not be able to play).

When someone has figured out who it is, the player will ask a very complete and descriptive questions that the chooser has no choice but to reply yes. For example, the questioner has figured out that it is Elvis Presley, so he asks,

"Are you the King of Rock and Roll who sings "Love Me Tender" and died many years ago? The chooser must answer with, "Yes, I am Elvis Presley." Thus, that questioner is the next chooser.

Another way to play is to use paper and pen. Next to the right margin write downward the alphabet. In the middle of the paper, read part of a sentence and write it also downward. Now you should have 26 sets of initials. Each person takes their time and fills in the names of famous people with those initials. When everyone has spent a sufficient amount of time on it. Everyone shares their names. Those who have the same name as someone else gets no points. You get ten points for having the name of a famous person that no one else has listed on their paper. This game is fun to play when everyone wants to take their time and relax at the same time.

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