How To Play Handball: Instructions And Basic Techniques

Learn how to play handball with these tips, instructions and basic techniques for beginners.

There a a few basic rules one needs to know in order to play handball. These rules enhance the enjoyment of the game as well as ensuring the game is played safely.

Handball is a fast moving sport so it is a given that participants be in fairly good shape before attempting to play it. There is a lot of twisting, bending, and running involved.This said it is a game played by every age group and both genders. If injury is avoided it can be played for many years.

Handball has its variants but usually it is played in a four walled room of specific dimensions. These are called the front wall, the back wall and two side walls. They are so named because they are important in the play of the game. There is a serving line where the serving player hits or serves the ball. There is a line called the short line just in front of the front wall. When served the ball must pass behind this line in order for the serve to be legal.

On some handball courts there is even a ceiling. The ball cannot strike the ceiling or any of the other walls unless it passes the short line first and then hits the floor once. After it is served the ball cannot hit the floor more than once. If it does the server scores. If the other player returns the serve and the servers return hits the floor more than once he loses his serve. This is called an out. In other words only when serving is it possible to score points.

According to the United States Handball Association rules handball can be played by two, three, or four players. If two people play it is called singles. If it is played by three people it is called cutthroat. And if it is played by four people it is called doubles.

A handball game is won by the first player to reach 21 points. If that player wins two games he wins the match. If there is a tie the players compete in what is called a tiebreaker. The first player to reach eleven points in a tiebreaker wins the match.

The handball itself is made of rubber and is 1-7/8 inches in diameter. Make sure that a raquetball ball is not purchased by mistake. they look a lot alike. the raquetball ball is bigger than the handball and it is hollow while the handball is solid rubber.

According to the rules a handball player must wear gloves and he must wear eye protection. When hitting the ball a player can only hit it with one hand. When serving the ball the player must drop it and hit it on the first bounce. If he does not hit it it is called a fault. If he faults two times in a row he must give up his serve to the other player. This is called an out. Also if the server steps over the service line before the ball hits behind the short lie it is a fault. If there are no faults and he continues to score the play goes on until the end of the game or until there is an out.

A player must try his best to get out of the way of the ball or try not to obstruct the others players attempt to hit the ball. This is called a hinder. Also anything like sweat or a foreighn object on the floor or walls that affects the ball is called a hinder. If a player obstructs the other players view of the ball this also falls under the category of a hinder. If done on purpose this is considered poor sportsmanship and there is a penalty for it.

It is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothes. A good pair of well fitting tennis shoes are a must. A headband is also a good idea as this soaks up a lot of sweat which would otherwise affect a player's vision. A good large pair of protective athletic glasses should be worn at all times.

It is pretty simple to play this highly competitive and very popular sport. All one needs is an understanding of the rules, four walls, some gloves and glasses, and a willing opponent.

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