How To Play Inner Tube Water Polo

Learn the rules of inner tube water polo, the game that is taking America's College Campuses by storm!

Inner Tube Water Polo is fast becoming the most popular intra-mural sport on America's college campuses. Here are the rules of playing this easy to learn, fun to play game.

Setting: The game is played on a regulation water polo court, with a regulation water polo ball, although variations are perfectly acceptable.

Starting out: Both teams begin lined up on the wall of their own goal. The ball is dropped into the middle of the pool by the referee, and teams race toward the middle to gain possession of the ball.

The Object: The object, of course, is to score as many goals as possible, and hold the other team to as few goals as possible.

The Inner Tube: Here's where inner tube water polo differs from conventional water polo. All players are required to sit in the inner tubes, belly up, with their buts through the hole in the center.

Possession: When you have possession of the ball, the only way you can lose possession is if you make a bad pass or shot, or if you get your inner tube flipped. You are not allowed to touch the ball or other players if you are out of your inner-tube, so if you get flipped and you are holding the ball you have to give it up.

Goalies: Goalies too have to remain in their inner tubes but they are a bit more free. They can be in the tube any way they want, so long as some part of their body goes through the tube.

Other rules: You are not allowed to flip anyone unless they posses the ball. Holding the tubes of other players is also against the rules. Shots must be taken at least 2 meters from the goal. The ball cannot be taken from the goalie once he or she has possession. Quarters last 8 minutes. Teams switch ends of the pool at half time. Variations include allowing goals scored by girls (in co-ed play) to count for two points. Goggles should not be worn, and bathing caps with ear protectors are recommended.

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