Plus Sized Clothing Care: Washing And Caring For Hosiery

For women, hosiery is hard enough to care for.Most brands don't last more than a few washes before they disintegrate, not to mention the hassle of just putting them on in the morning.When you add to that the factor of being a plus size woman, it just makes things all the more impossible in terms of keeping a decent pair of hose around for more than a few days.

So, what to do?Buy more?Go barelegged?Well, before you do anything rash, here are a few tips on how to care for your hosiery.

-- Buy hosiery appropriate to your size

Have you ever walked into the lingerie department with exactly what size you wear in your mind, only to get the item home and find that it's a little too tight?It's happened to all of us at one time or another.Some of us accept this and buy a bigger size next time, others of us just don't accept it at all.

Squeezing one's self into something that is too small is never really a good idea.When talking about hosiery care, it can make the difference between your hose lasting a few months or a few days.The fabric of your hosiery will stretch regardless of the fit, but it's only designed to stretch so far.If you buy hosiery that is even half a size too small, you're challenging the fabric to stretch farther than it was made to go.This, in itself, will wear out the fabric a lot sooner than if you wear the right size.

-- Wash your hosiery before you wear it.

You've probably heard that if you wash a pair of jeans before you wear them the first time, they will fit tighter.As it happens, the opposite is true of hosiery.When you wash a pair of hose, the fibers in the fabric will actually loosen and become more resistant against runs.

-- Use a lingerie bag.

Even on the delicate cycle, your hosiery does not have a fighting chance if it's left to fend for itself with your other clothes.Hose can snag on buttons, zippers, and other objects within the wash--not to mention the spin cycle has been known to seriously stretch out a good pair.Do yourself a favor and buy a lingerie bag for your unmentionables if you absolutely must wash them in a washing machine.

-- Wear lotion or plastic gloves over your hands when putting them on

My grandmother, a plus size since she was sixteen, has done this for as long as I can remember.On top of the fact that she was a plus size, she also had very long nails.Slowly sliding your hose up your legs while wearing gloves (or at least lotioning your hands right before) will prevent runs while the fabric is stretching to fit your leg.

-- Do not dry them in the dryer.

Back in my single days, my biggest fear as a plus size woman was having a male friend over when I forgot to take my hosiery down from my shower curtain.If you're like me, you probably don't mind if our male counterparts think of us as a little thick"┬Žso long as they never see the evidence of exactly how thick we are.

Nevertheless, because our hosiery is so delicate, the very last thing one ever wants to do is expose them to extreme heat, so hanging them up is a necessity.Try to pick more discreet spots to hang them, such as a towel rack behind the shower curtain.Otherwise, you'll just have to remember to take them down.Putting your hosiery in the dryer will wreck them.

-- Support Hose does not mean Indestructible Hose

You should always follow these tips regardless of the type of hose you are buying.Because of the darker, more thick fabric of the upper portion of support hose, some forget that the rest of the hose is still very delicate. Treat all your hose the same and you should have no problems.

With luck, you will find that with these tips you will always have a good pair of hosiery to wear on any given day.

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