Plus Sized Clothing Shopping: Where To Look For Fashionable Plus Size Hosiery

This article gives some advice for the plus-sized woman looking for fashion hosiery.

Most plus-sized women prefer not to think about hosiery. Most, if left to their own devices, will have a pair of black stockings for winter, and suntan for summer. This is because fitting hosiery can be difficult, let alone finding any that is attractive. However, there are options a plus-sized woman can pursue when she wants fashionable hosiery.

Stores specializing in plus-sizes, catalogs and the Internet and custom-fitters are all options.

First, a word about color. Some women think the general color for all warm weather is "suntan." This is too dark for most Caucasian women. She should look for something in "nude" or "sand"--along those lines. Suntan colored stockings are not attractive on most women, if they are wearing skirts. With pants of course, color is mostly irrelevant.

If a woman wants something truly special in hosiery, she may want to ask around and see if someone in her area makes custom hosiery. Some people do. It may not be easy to find, and the stockings may be expensive, but for something special, she may feel the extra effort is worth the result. The upside is obviously that the hosiery will probably fit better than any that comes from the store. Some plus-sized stores may know of people who do this kind of work, or more likely, associates in fabric and sewing supply stores.

A woman can always go to a store that specializes in plus-sizes. Holidays are a good time to do this, since this is when most companies are more likely to have something different available, in keeping with the tradition of holiday parties. Many women will want sparkly or glittery hose for these occasions, and this is when to shop for it.

The Internet and catalogs are probably the places to go for the widest selection. A search for "plus-sized" hosiery should turn up a host of hits. A woman can then go to various sites and see what is available.

Of course, where she goes may be directly determined by what she is looking for. Many plus-sized catalogs sell lovely hosiery with a bridal theme, if she is looking for something for her wedding (or a friend's!).

Women who are looking for more specialized fashion hosiery, like fishnet stockings, or seamed ones, may find themselves in strange territory on the Internet. Since these types of hosiery are popular among alternate lifestyles, women may find other items for sale besides stockings. The positive side of this is that these lifestyles, being accepting of many shapes and sizes, may have just the size she is looking for. Most also have very discreet packaging, so she won't be embarrassed if her child finds something from a company with a name that, shall we say, illustrates the nature of the company. Most of these places have "Acme Products" or something similar on the return address. However, she may pay a bit more at one of these Web sites for her specialty hosiery.

Catalogs are also a good source for fashion hosiery, and many carry several different styles in a wide range of sizes. Many companies like "Just My Size" do a large mail-order and Internet business, and it is always worthwhile to visit these sites, especially if they are focusing on lingerie as a sales promotion. Valentine's Day is a great time to look for these, since they will often carry hosiery with hearts, flowers and fishnet for the holiday.

Most any company that sells plus-sized lingerie, in fact, will probably sell hosiery, as well. The Internet will probably turn up numerous sites for the woman who wants something fashionable and attractive in hosiery. A little time spent looking through catalogs, in stores or on the Internet will surely result in a plus-sized woman finding exactly the stockings she is looking for.

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