Poetry Inspiration: Making Your Life Experiences Into Poems

How to see your life as the inspiration for great poems that you can write.

So, you want to write poetry but you don't know where to start or what to write about? Where did most of the great poets take their inspiration for poetry from? -LIFE! If you base your poetry on your life experiences, your options are endless! Now, you may be thinking that your life is not that exciting and you may not be able to see much in the way of inspiring writings coming forth from your personal experiences. Life is THE experience. Everyday you see things and experience things and it is these experiences that can be put into your poetry.

Poetry can be about anything, it can take many different forms and it certainly doesn't need to rhyme! When we think of poetry we tend to think of beautiful phrases and flowing versus. We think of "windy willows" and "cascading mountains", the things that are usually out of reach of our everyday lifestyle. Poetry doesn't just have to be about great wonders; it can be about the simplest of things. Don't aim for eloquent wording and imaginative details; focus more on what you know. Now obviously writing about doing your laundry doesn't sound like anything worth reading, but if it was something you really felt compelled to write about, you could make it something fantastic. The idea is to write about things that you know, things that you have experienced, and things that you feel. Feelings and emotions are often the best source of inspiration for poetry and we can write about them well because WE HAVE experienced them. Too often we overlook many of our life experiences when searching for inspiration for writings because them seem unexciting and uneventful, but it is very often these so called "unexciting" experiences that create the best inspiration.

Try taking a different perspective at the things in your life. Look upon the everyday things you do as experiences and you will be surprised at what inspires you to write. Something you saw yesterday, or something your child said, or something you are feeling, could bring forth the most imaginative piece of writing. It is all in how you look at your experiences. The poems that really touch people with their depth and honesty are the poems written by people who had experienced what they wrote about. They wrote from the heart. They wrote about what the saw, smeled, touched and most importantly felt and this is the key to remember when writing poetry. Whether good or bad, life is one great experience and it is every great poet's inspiration!

Pick up your pen, and just write about something you saw or felt today. Just place a few ideas on the paper and take a look a how poetical than can sound! You will be surprised at what you can achieve. If you write about you and your feelings and your experiences, it will become simpler to find inspiration for your poetry and your poems will take on a new depth. Your experiences will be able to make the most eloquent poetry even if you are not necessarily a natural born writer. This is possible because if you are the one that has had the experience, you will know just how to explain and share your experience and feelings about it in your poetry. That is something that no one else will be able to do the same way as you!

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