About Popcorn Machine Supplies

By Lisa Floyd

  • Overview

    Sure, the taste of melt-in-your-mouth buttery popcorn from the movie theater is delicious, but who wants to spend $10 or more of a tub that will go straight to your thighs? Instead, those looking for a way to save a few bucks---and maybe even a few calories---should make their own popcorn. You only need a few supplies to create your own at home.
  • The Basics

    Popcorn machine owners only need a couple of basic items. Of course, every popcorn machine will require popcorn kernels, or popping corn. Several brands are found in most grocery stores near other popcorn in a variety of flavors and types, such as caramel, large size and colored, among other choices. Patrons should buy in bulk from their grocer or membership store or online if they plan to make a lot of homemade popcorn. Popcorn machine owners also might want to invest in a large scoop to get the popcorn out of the machine in a clean and efficient manner.
  • Optional Items

    Individuals with popcorn machines can add a little fun to their popcorn making by adding a few extra items to their collection. Popcorn eaters might want to add a variety of liquids, seasonings and colors to their supplies for extra zest. Those with a popcorn machine also may invest in containers like plastic or paper bags, boxes or cones to serve popcorn in for themselves or guests. Machine owners also might enjoy a melted butter dispenser, popcorn warmers or stands and other luxury items.

  • Flavors

    Some enjoy popcorn in its natural form, but popcorn also can be jazzed up with a variety of condiments. For additional flavor, popcorn eaters can add such liquids as melted butter, caramel, cheese or oil and seasoning like garlic, salt and parmesan cheese. Adding unique mixtures like chocolate, peanuts, melted marshmallows and food coloring or gelatin adds to the fun.
  • Cleaning and Repair

    Like other kitchen items, popcorn machines need to be cleaned often to continue working properly. Machine owners might invest in glass and/or stainless steel cleaner and other chemicals, a scraper and a sponge or a cleaning cloth; some kits come with all of the necessary materials in one kit for a reduced price.
  • Cost

    Those who plan to use a popcorn machine often---for their friends and family or themselves---can spend a lot of money on supplies. Individual supplies for popcorn machines can cost a few dollars to upwards of $50, depending on the size, brand and uniqueness of the item. Depending on how much one uses a popcorn machine, buying in bulk can save a few dollars or hundreds of dollars. Some grocery stores and most membership warehouse stores and even online retailers sell popular items for popcorn machines in bulk. Easily found bulk items include traditional popping corn, butter, cheese, salt, containers and other items.
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