Popcorn Tin Crafts And Uses

Metal cans which originally hold popcorn can be made into all sorts of things for the home, from trash cans to hampers. Instructions, tips and ideas included.

Who doesn't love popcorn? You can get a good deal on popcorn when you buy the giant tins which are featured at many stores during the holidays and other occasions. After the popcorn is gone the tins provide lots of uses around the house. Purchase one with a pattern that can be used year-round, like puppies or kittens, line with trash bag and use it as a trash can for a child's room. Use other designs for a bathroom or under the kitchen sink. You can decoupage pictures from magazines and books onto the tin if you don't like the designs that are offered.

Wrap the tin in a thin piece of foam, then cover it with cloth. Make a pillow for a top or buy a pillow and glue it to the top of the can. The pillow should be slightly larger than the top of the can, to hide the edges. These can be used for footstools or chairs for small kids.

Place a popcorn tin by the front door to hold umbrellas. You can cover it with foam and cloth on the outside, or just set it by the door without the lid.

Popcorn tins are great for creating neat storage areas. Store garland, ornaments, seasonal clothing and more. Use cardboard separators to keep certain items from breaking or becoming entangled. Use the tins to keep the garage neat and tidy, too.

Set a potted plant in a popcorn tin for a unique planter, or put the lid on the tin and use it for a plant stand. Or paint the can, lacquer, then poke holes in the bottom. Fill with potting soil and place matching cans, with plants, on each side of the porch or deck.

Small children can destroy a room by throwing toys all around. Use the can with lid to store toys in until playtime. Stacking trays that will fit in the tins are perfect to store baby items but keep baby out at the same time. Line one with a plastic bag and use it for a small hamper for baby, too.

Store memorabilia in tins to prevent damage. Pictures, awards, letters, greeting cards and cut-outs of jokes and poems can be neatly stored and kept safe in popcorn tins.

Scrap fabrics, lace and patterns can be stored neatly away until ready to use.

Store video games neatly into popcorn tins to keep dust from harming the game. Tins are also perfect for storing controllers and other game accessories.

Cats will play for hours with a tin, wrapped in foam and fabric. Glue rattles and other teasers on elastic pieces and glue them inside the can. Place can on side and watch them play. Young children have a blast with something similar made especially for them.

Parents and grandparents can paint the tins, glue a picture of the child on the front, and use it to store school papers, awards and artwork.

Fill with sand and use as an outdoor ashtray to keep visitors from throwing cigarettes down in the yard. To clean, sift sand through a large sieve, into another can, then empty butts and trash.

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