Popular Nutritional Supplements

When it comes to your health, find out which nutritional supplements work, the supplements' intended function, and the supplement's commonly used dosages.

These days, it seems like everywhere you look, someone is pushing a nutritional supplement. Each one has its own claim that is attributed to them. You can find a supplement for basically anything you can think of; from helping you sleep to increasing your sex drive. While they all claim to be the best, only a fraction have actually been proven and supported by scientific studies.

The following nutritional supplements are some of the most effective on the market. Included with the description is their intended function or purpose and the dosage people commonly use on a daily basis. The supplements and their brand names that are listed at the end are found to be superior to all other products on the market. Please be advised that side effects are documented with all supplements. Check with your doctor before starting any supplements.


mcg= micrograms

mg= milligrams

g= grams

CREATINE (2-5 g daily)

-can be found in liquid or powder form

-increases power and strength; increases body


GLUTAMINE (6-12 g daily)

-can be found in powder and tablet form

-prevents muscle breakdown

CAFFEINE (100-300 mg daily)

-can be found in guarana, kola nut, green tea in

liquid, tablet or powder form

-promotes fat burning, increases aerobic energy

EPHEDRINE (25-75 mg daily)

-can be found in mahuang, ephedra in liquid and

tablet form

-improves alertness; increases metabolism and fat


PYRUVATE (5-10 g daily)

-can be found in liquid and powder form

-decreases bodyfat and increases energy

ANTIOXIDANTS (moderate daily dose)

-vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium and

grape seed extract

-can be found in natural foods, tablet, liquid

and powder form

-preserves cell integrity and eliminates free



Hydroxycut by Muscletech

-contains caffeine/ephedrine combination

-excellent for weight loss and increased energy

Phospogen by EAS

-contains creatine and glutamine

-increases strength without muscle breakdown

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