Popular Styles For Long Hair

Popular styles for long hair. Longer hairstyles for women include the Gypsy shag, choppy layers and natural textures like waves in hair. A popular style is one that's revived from the 60's; we used to call...

A popular style is one that's revived from the 60's; we used to call it the Gypsy shag. It's very popular. Now we have an improved version; it is not so much layered on the top but layered on the bottom. The emphasis is choppier on the bottom and less choppy at the top.

Another one would be wavier opposed to very, very straight hair. There was a period that everyone was using the straightening irons. Now everyone is utilizing more of the natural texture of hair that they have.

I think what's happening now is that things are going back, especially because we're approaching wintertime. Things are going back to softer and more romantic looking styles. People are all leaving their curly hair curly. They are not, straightening it as much. I mean there are still people holding on to magic perms. I think mainly what's really coming back in hair cuts is the wash and wear style.

I would say about a year ago or even six months ago, people were straightening their hair. Everyone wanted straight, straight hair, very similar to the 60s.I think that now we're changing into a more relaxing trend in the hair.

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