Is The Popularity Of Plastic Surgery Leading To An Increase In Eating Disorders?

Is the popularity of plastic surgery leading to an increase in eating disorders? Yes, because of the culture we are in one can never be too rich, too rigid or too thin. Yes. Well the problem is although...

Yes. Well the problem is although there is a little bit of a reverse trend, for the most part the culture we are in says you can't be too rigid or too thin or too young. So the attempts of doing some healthy things like exercise, eating light, taking care of yourself crosses over a line where the exercise becomes compulsive, the eating becomes so rigid that its not so much healthy as it is compulsive. Then the plastic surgery becomes a never ending attempt to find the perfection and it becomes an illness unto itself. My bias still is that there is a cultural wave to all of this and I think the back lash again is starting to see real people appear in commercials for underwear and clothes and stuff like that and I think you are going to see a growing trend because people are getting squeezed upon fed up with being brainwashed into what beauty is.

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