Do Portable Air Purifiers Work, And Which Brand Would You Recommend?

Do portable air purifiers work, and which brand would you recommend? Discussion of which portable air purifiers work best and how often filters should be changed. Sylvia Crunk, owner of Aire Serv Heating...

Sylvia Crunk, owner of Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas is not one to mince words: she relegates air purifiers to their place in temporary rented homes, and does not hesitate to list their drawbacks, though she has a commercial interest in their sales! This is rare in today's commercial world, but such bold integrity does set Aire Serv apart. Since portable systems cover only the room in which they are placed, Sylvia cautions that they are no match for a regular air filtration system in terms of safeguarding air quality throughout a house. Each home needs its own heating, air-conditioning and ventilation system, depending on size, lay-out and location. Sylvia cautions that no brand or system can be recommended without taking a detailed look at the internal area to be served with filtered air. The air we breathe is so closely linked with health and wellness, especially for vulnerable children that Sylvia also prefers to develop a custom system with top equipment for each client home. This kind of unremitting professionalism is a hallmark of everything in which Aire Serv gets involved, which is why their band of dedicated customers grows by the day!

The Pentagon has started using Ecoquest as a portable system after 9/11, and Sylvia's company trades in this brand. It works satisfactorily for small volumes of air, and makes sense if a resident does want to make long term investments in a temporary residence. Several units could be needed for a contiguous indoor area, depending upon the total volume of air exchange to be filtered, and the number of people who use the area. It is really a compromise, and would probably fare poorly compared to a permanent system with appropriate capacity and specifications.

Beth Orenstein, who writes in indoor air quality matters for the Environmental Protection Agency, has found a number of families who noticed quick health improvements soon after they installed air cleaning systems at home. Beth points out that allergies and asthma are on the rise as building insulation keeps getting more effective with energy saving objectives in mind. There is no point in conserving energy at the cost of one's health! Buildings with new technology need air treatment systems even more than the older ones which allowed more exchanges of air between home interiors and the outside. We can expect this trend to continue, because of which companies such as Sylvia's Aire Serv could see a surge in demand for their products and services. However, quality and consumer interests come before growth and profits for Sylvia. That is why she does not hesitate to recommend permanent ducts and air filtration equipment installations over the portable air purifiers which she also sells. Invest in your family's health today by calling a reputed air filtration company such as Aire Serv, and have you house assessed for appropriate indoor air quality needs. Opt for a portable system only if you cannot afford a permanent one right away, or if you are planning to shift residence soon.

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