Is It Possible To Sale Electronic Components Back To Metal Companies After They

Is it possible to sale electronic components back to metal companies after they. Metal recycling companies can isolate these parts down into the smallest or the most segregated commodity possible. Technology...

Technology moves so fast these days that it's hard for anyone to have the latest and most up to date equipment.

The minute that one company makes a phone that takes pictures, another company will make a phone that records movies. And from that point, another company will make a phone that takes pictures and turns them into movies, and so on and so on and so on.

But, unlike a pair of jeans or shoes, disposing of electronic items in an improper manner can cause eventual damage to the environment.

Many electronic experts suggest that when you dispose of electronics such as computers, you should contact your local electronic recycling company.

If possible, these companies will refurbish the computer so that it can be given to a nonprofit organization or a school. In some cases, computers over five years old may not be suitable for being refurbished. In these cases, most companies will break down the computer so that they can make use the parts.

Can these parts be sold back to the metal companies? Becky Harwell, the owner of Axcess Technologies in Austin, Texas has been involved in electronic recycling for ten years and said that her company does sale back electronic components.

"Absolutely, that's the service that we provide," she said. "We've become a very valuable asset in this chain because we are very familiar with these markets. We can isolate these parts down into the smallest or the most segregated commodity possible. That way you can yield a much better return as opposed to taking a whole unit as a computer."

According to the U.S. EPA, nearly 250 million computers will become obsolete in the next five years. In 2001, only 11 percent of personal computers retired in the U.S. were recycled. So obviously, recycling and the importance of it have yet to catch on to all computer owners. Most electronic recyclers agree that the importance of recycling computers will become a must in the near future.

One tip that electronic recyclers offer consumers is to call the recycling company before dropping off a computer. For example, some companies may not accept anything older than a Pentium III or Pentium II. But don't get discouraged if you have a Pentium because the parts can still be used for other reasons.

"The computer is made up of so many different types of metals that you can certainly sell that as a scrap commodity," Harwell said. "And it's just a little bit better than steel. But if you separate all the piece parts and look to the very smallest level of value recovery, then that's where we add that value. We do a complete remanufacture process on any kind of electronic equipment to reach that highest threshold of value recovery."

Another important tip when taking electronic equipment in is to make sure you have the accessories as well. The accessories can sometimes be broken down and resold as well.

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