Postcard Shows For Collectors

Postcard Shows for Collectors. Postcard shows may be trade shows hosted by dealers, or they may be included as part of a larger antiques show. We host about six or seven shows per year, because many shows...

We host about six or seven shows per year, because many shows hosted by other dealers aren't necessarily for postcards only. All of our shows are postcard shows, where many that we attend have antiques and things along those lines. A lot of the people we sell to are dealers, because we are one of the world's largest postcard dealers. We have a collection of 10 million cards. A lot of dealers bring everything they have to a show. When we travel to a show, we bring just 45 boxes. For example, when we attend a show in New York, we bring a very detailed collection of cards from New York. Dealers that are going to resell those will come to us because we have a huge collection, and they can find some very rare New York towns through us. Some people buy our cards just to sell on E-bay, while some buy cards of their hometown or the city where their mother was born. They may never buy another postcard again, but they just feel they need to buy that one. We sell to everybody.

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