Potluck Ideas

Try these potluck ideas to gather with friends without breaking the bank!

Pot Lucks were once popular party events which have now seem to faded out of popularity, though you will still find them in certain neighborhoods where the tradition has been upheld. A Pot Luck is a large get together of neighbors or family where everyone brings a different dish and all of the participants join each other for a fabulous feast of specialties. The idea of the part is that no one family is burdened with the cost of the meal and everyone gets to try something different that usually isn't made in their home. Pot Lucks are also great opportunities for recipe exchanging for the tastiest dishes.

The trick to hosting a Pot Luck is to make sure you assign different courses to different people. You wouldn't want to end up with ten desserts and no appetizers. When you are making your invitations, make a course suggestion such as entrée, dessert or appetizer, and make sure you keep an even count. As the host, you should provide all beverages, plates, cutlery, napkins, etc. and if the party is large enough you may want to set up some Sterno pans for keeping dishes warm. Pot Lucks are perfect for children, especially if you have a picky eater. You may find some new things your child likes to eat and you can get the recipe and make them again later.

When it is time for your party, be sure to have enough room in the refrigerator and a few coolers standing by to keep everything cold that needs chilling and for keeping ice for drinks, etc. Have enough serving spoons on hand and if you don't feel like doing dishes, make sure any paper plates are heavy enough to withstand lots of different foods. You may want to provide some other basics such as salt, pepper, butter, and other condiments as well.

At the end of the party, it is a great idea to have some inexpensive Tupperware type containers on hand or ask your guests to bring their own to share any leftovers. You can do the dishes on your own afterwards, making sure you keep track of what belongs to who and returning them later, or everyone can take their dish home with them. Pot Luck's are still the most inexpensive way to have a huge part with lots of food and it is a great opportunity for showing off specialties and new recipes.

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