Power Tool Buyers Guide: Buying The Best Pressure Washer

Looking to buy the best power washer? You will need to know what kind of cleaning jobs you will be performing first.

When setting out to find the best pressure washer to suit your needs, you should first decide on what type of work you'll be using it for. This will ultimately have a deciding factor in the type, and size of the pressure washer you will purchase.

There are many places around the house that you can use a pressure washer on: vehicles, driveway, garage floor, patio, boat, outdoor furniture, swimming pool, house exterior. dog kennels, unfinished basements.

The size of the jobs will determine how big of a pressure washer you will need. Typically, an electric power washer will work around the house. If you need a pressure washer for bigger jobs you will probably need a gas powered pressure washer. There are power washers for light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, and industrial size jobs.

Pressure washer power is determined by multiplying the PSI and the flow of a particular unit, also known as CU (Cleaning Units) value. There are many different sizes and uses for each power washer in particular. Your typical garden hose at home will deliver about 40 P.S.I. of water pressure in a flow of 8 gallons per minute. Pressure washers typically have a water pressure of 1000 to 5000 P.S.I. and use about 2 gallons of water per minute. That is a considerable difference in pressure. On some of the higher powered washers, they can generate some pretty tremendous force and should be operated only by professionals. There are however several models that are intended for household use.

Cleaning units (CU's), give the consumer a reference point to compare and relate other power washers to each other. It also lets you know how effective the unit is. For instance, a light duty power washer with 3000 CU's can be used for auto, lawn, furniture small decks, and grills. A medium duty power washer with 3000 - 5000 CU's can handle jobs such as auto's, boats, decks, lawns, mowers and sidewalks. A slight step up in performance -a heavy duty power washer with 5000 - 8000 CU's can handle the bigger jobs such as exterior, siding, trucks, pools and store fronts. Pressure washers with 8000 CU's and up are meant for industrial purposes such as removal of graffiti, fleets of trucks, and kennels to name a few. This size of a power washer should always be handled by someone with experience.

Having the right tool for the job definitely applies to power washing. You obviously wouldn't want to peel the paint off your car by using a power washer meant for removing graffiti. To me the best power washer is going to be the one with the correct amount of CU's to complete the jobs you intend use it for.

You can use the information above as a reference guide. Whether it's gas or electric is not as essential to how much pressure you will need. Just remember that any pressure washer over 3000 CU's will most likely be gas powered.

So go over your options. Will you use it for home use? Maybe you'll use it for business use, or industrial use. For the more high powered washers you will need it to be gas powered. For lighter duties you could get away with using an electric power washer. How many CU's should I go with? Have these options thought out before you go to purchase a power washer. This will ensure that you will have the right tool for the job or jobs to be performed. It will also help the sales team in the store that you choose point you in the right direction. I hope this will help get you one step closer in buying the best power washer. Good luck!

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