Power Tool Buyers Guide: Buying The Best Rotary Grinder

Read this informative article and find out how to choose the best Dremel for you!

If you're a do it yourself, then you need a rotary grinder. It's uses are practically endless! Another name for a rotary grinder is a Dremel. A Dremel is a small, handheld power tool that is powered one of two ways. Either it plugs into a household electrical outlet, or, it is powered by a battery pack. If you choose to buy the battery operated type, make sure that you also buy a battery charger, (if it's not included with the grinder), and an extra battery pack. That way, you never run out of power. While you're using one, the extra can be in the battery charger.

A small, rotary grinder of this type can do anything you want it to, as long as you have the proper head for the job. Typical heads available are for grinding, buffing, deburring, cutting, polishing, sharpening, drilling, stripping, and more! Heads can be used on a variety of materials, including

wood, metal, stone, porcelain, glass, plastic, ceramics, et cetera.

Make sure, that whatever brand and model of Dremel you choose, that it is able to accept generic heads. Also, make sure that the power tool has a quick and easy head changing system. Otherwise, you'll be stuck searching for a certain type of name brand head. These name brand heads will also cost you more money too!

Now, if you want your rotary grinder to be portable, then you will choose a battery operated type. These tools can go anywhere, from the basement to the attic to the garage to the field. But, if you're looking for a Dremel that can deliver more power, you'll want to buy a corded one that plugs into a household outlet instead.

An electric rotary tool can have a one amp motor that can put out a speed of anywhere between eight and thirty thousand revolutions per minute (RPM). Or, you can go a step up and opt for a larger model. How about two and a half amps of power that can reach speeds of over twenty six thousand RPM's? That would be powerful enough to do about any job you could come up with!

But, a cordless Dremel is no slouch! There are models available on the market today that can put out ten to thirty five thousand revolutions per minute! So, don't write off a cordless rotary grinder as being a whimp when it comes to muscle.

Just like many other power tools, Dremels are often sold in kits. Manufacturers bundle together the actual tool, a handful of commonly used heads, maybe a battery charger, and a case to store it all in. The good thing about a kit, is, that the bigger it is, the more economic it usually is. If you buy a large, say, one hundred piece kit, it should have everything you need to do just about any job.

But, a word of caution is required here: don't buy a large Dremel kit full of assorted heads if you're not going to use them! That would be a waste of money. Choose a kit that will fit your needs- no larger, no smaller.

And finally, the sales associate will probably offer you an extended warranty for your brand new rotary grinder. If you're going to use your power tool a lot, then a warranty might be worth the investment. Otherwise, for occasional use, you probably don't need the added protection.

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