Pre Teens Party Theme Ideas: Hamburger Party

A hamburger theme party ideas for pre-teens with suggestions on how to present the food. Included are some ideas for games to play.

Children, especially pre-teens love hamburgers and you will never make a mistake by hosting a hamburger party.

What you need is warm weather, food, atmosphere and a few party games. So you don't have control over the weather, and if the day of the party turns out to be cold and miserable, do not despair - the day will still be a success.

Ideally, a hamburger party should be held outdoors - maybe the burgers can be barbecued by Dad or big brother. If you prefer to hold the party indoors, just grill the burgers and let the children make their own hamburgers.


Display the food on platters. If you do not have a lot of platters, then find some empty cardboard boxes and cut the sides, leaving a rim of about 2 inches. Cover the cardboard boxes with tin foil and voila: instant platters that can be discarded after the party - less washing up to do!

Shred lettuce and arrange on the platters. Pile the burgers (either ready-made or your own recipe - for your convenience, see my burger recipe below) on some of the platters. On other platters, arrange a selection of food to pile onto the burgers: sliced cheese, tomatoes, grilled bacon, onions, chopped gherkins and grilled mushrooms. Ensure that there are enough delicious bought sauces to spoon onto the burgers. Or make your own by mixing equal amounts of mayonnaise and tomato sauce and adding herbs and 1 tablespoon of chutney. Sour cream with chopped chives also goes down well.

Instead of fatty French fries, why not serve fruit kebabs with the hamburgers. Skewer fruit such as chopped papaw, melons, strawberries, oranges, apples (first sprinkle with lemon juice), grapes with cheese and gherkins.

Serve fruit juices in tall glasses - first rub a lemon or orange around the rim of the glasses, then press the rim in a plate of coloured sugar.






Mix the minced meat, egg and seasoning in a bowl. Form the mixture either into four large patties, or 6 small patties. Fry in heated oil until brown on both sides. Remove from the oil and drain.

For 24 servings: use 4 pounds of minced meat and 3 eggs with seasoning to taste.

Now that the food is taken care of, it's time to set the atmosphere: pre-teens love music, but make sure you find out before the time which pop groups are popular. Play a selection of music on the day and have a couple of music magazines for them to look through.

Play music games:

1. Ping pong music: Select a word and shout it out. The first one to respond with a song with that word in, must sing the song that he/she has selected. She/he then gets a turn to shout out the next word, using a word that appears in her/his chosen song.

2. Musical chairs - no matter what their age, children love this game.

3. Play a popular song. Stop it suddenly and ask who knows what the next words of the song should be. Once everyone has given their answer, play the song and see who was correct.

3. Alternative names for popular music groups: ask children to think up alternative (either complete opposite or similar) names of popular pop groups. For example: Backstreet Boys: FrontYard Gals or YonderStretch Guys.

Other games that can be played:

Volleyball, using balloons instead of a beach ball.

Move the children into different groups. Give each group a selection of stationery: (for example) one scissors, 1 toilet roll, some balloons, 3 sheets of coloured paper, cellotape. Ensure that each team is in separate rooms so that they cannot see what the other team are doing. Instruct each team to try and build the highest and most colourful possible structure out of the stationery supplies that they have. Give each team about 20 minutes to complete their task.

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