What Is Prednisone?

What is prednisone? It is a widely prescribed anti inflammatory drug Prednisone.

Prednisone, is a synthetic hormone commonly referred to as a "steroid." Prednisone, or "pred" as it is called, is very similar to the hormone Cortisone, which your own body manufactures. It is used to treat many illnesses from asthma, to all kinds of inflammation to organ transplant rejection.

The GOOD News about Prednisone: You can ingest a few non-narcotic pills everyday and the constant pain you are in will diminish remarkedly. Your breathing will be much easier!

The BAD News: In fifteen years your teeth may fall out, and the pain from your vertebrae splintering won't be helped by this drug; this drug that has eaten away at your bones.

If you take this medication and your doctor sits you down and tells you the side effects, listen carefully! Weigh the pros and cons very carefully, because in some people "pred" can cost them the very quality of life they thought they were getting back originally.

~ Prednisone Survival Guide ~

1. Warn your loved ones that you may be experiencing severe mood swings, and weight gain.

2. Eat right and take lots of CALCIUM.

3. Get on as low a dosage as you can.

4. Make sure your doctor checks your blood frequently so you don't become steroid dependent.

Prednisone can literally be life saver for some people. If it's not life or death, I would leave it alone! It has some UGLY side effects!

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