Pregnancy Basics: Maternity Bras

The importance of wearing a properly fitted maternity bra, which can save you the hassle of buying the wrong bra.

When buying a maternity bra try to find a bra that fits you comfortably in the size that you are already wearing. Do not buy a bra that is to big because your breasts require full and constant support as they change throughout your pregnancy.If possible buy a bra that has three to four rows ofclosure hooks in the back; this will allow for extra room as your rib cage starts to expand. Most maternity bras have been designed with adjustable cups that allow for growth throughout the entire pregnancy without the need to buy more bras later on. A maternity bra should have a wide supportive shoulder strap and side panels to help keep your breasts in place. Do not be surprised though if you do need to purchase several different sized maternity bras throughout the course of your pregnancy, as each woman grows in her own way.

A maternity bra is supposed to be designed with comfort and support in mind, so make sure that is what you are getting out of it. You should have your measurements on hand when you go maternity bra shopping to make sure that you are buying a properly fitting bra. To get your correct band measurements use a cloth tape measure and measure around your body just under your arms. To get you cup size measure around your body at the fullest point on your breasts. Deduct the band measurement from the breast measurement and that will determine your cup size. A one inch difference means that you will fit best in an A cup, while a four-inch difference means that a D cup is best for you. A proper sizing chart is available at most maternity stores and online as long as you have your band and bust measurements. Always remember to round up to an even number if your band measurement is an odd number.

Maternity bras do come in the under wire style, but the soft cup is strongly recommended because of the extra support it provides. The soft cup allows for the frequent change in breast size that you will experience during your pregnancy whereas the under wire bra will not. Maternity bras come in many different colors and fabrics so they will not pose a limit to your style. There are even maternity bras that are designed to be worn all day long and even while sleeping. As long as these types of maternity bras are comfortable and provide the support that is needed wearing them should not be a problem. You might even find that maternity bras will help enhance your newfound curves and provide you with some additional sex appeal.

There are many benefits related to wearing a properly fitted maternity bra. The breasts of a pregnant women experience so many changes in such short period of time that it is vital to provide them with the best support possible. Maternity bras when properly fitted can help reduce the overall loss of firmness and tone that many pregnant women experience in their breasts. The amount of firm breast tissue lost if left unchecked can cause sagging of the breasts as well as an increased number of stretch marks. Wearing a maternity bra that is too small will also pose its own set of problems. If the bra is cutting into the sides of your breasts or allows for to much breast tissue to overflow out of the sides of the bra, you might develop clogged mammary glands that could result in an uncomfortable infection. No matter what style of maternity bra you choose to wear during your pregnancy it should always fit comfortably and provide complete support. If your bra feels loose, too tight or just plain uncomfortable then stop wearing it and consider buying a different size or style that would fit you better.

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