Pregnancy: What To Expect The Second Month

You're in the second month of your pregnancy? Here is what to expect with your baby and your body.

You have gone through the crucial first month of your pregnancy where you and your partner went through varying emotions dealing with the mere fact that you were, indeed, pregnant. Every single week, something new is happening to not only your baby, but to your body, as well. You may not be aware of all the changes that your body is physically having, nor may you be aware of all the miraculous events that are occurring inside of you as your baby begins to form and take a baby shape. What is happening with your baby on this second month and what emotions and physical changes should you be expecting?

Your Baby

During the first month, your baby was a series of three layers that would eventually develop into their correct and functioning forms. Your baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and bones are beginning to take shape during this second month and your baby's entire form is that of a small tadpole. Your baby is starting to form her eyelids, although they will remain completely closed for now. Little buds that will soon be the limbs (fingers, sex organs, toes and ankles) are starting to form. By the sixth week, there is a possibility your baby's heartbeat will be able to be heard with the use of an ultrasound. Between the second and eighth week is a critical time in the life of your baby, since the baby can be negatively impacted by outside factors in her development. By the end of the eighth week, your baby's entire arms will be formed and you will be able to distinguish her little toes and fingers. Also, the baby's sex can usually be determined by this week. Once the second month is over, your baby will weigh only one ounce and will only be one inch long, or the size of a grape.

Your Body

Early in the second month, moms still feel quite normal, aside from possible pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and fatigue. Pregnant moms will want to schedule a visit with their physician to discuss any lifestyle changes like smoking or drinking. If you are not already taking them, prenatal pills and folic acid tablets will probably be prescribed by your physician in order to lower the risk of birth defects. A little further into the second month, your body may begin to start changing. Chances are, if you have been vomiting quite often due to nausea, you will have lost a little bit of weight, which is nothing to worry about. If you are not experiencing any type of vomiting, however, you may have recently noticed that your mid-section is a little bigger and your normal clothes may start to fit snugly. By the end of the second month, your uterus has grown tremendously to the size of a softball. One symptom that may become more pronounced is a tightness in your stomach area that causes minor cramping. This is due to the contractions of your uterus, which is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. However, if the cramping is severe and you are also bleeding, consult your physician immediately.

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