What Is A Pregnancy Massage?

What is a pregnancy massage? There are two aspects of massage therapy for pregnant women. There is prenatal and postnatal massage. It is just like it sounds; it's a massage on a pregnant woman. Basically...

It is just like it sounds; it's a massage on a pregnant woman. Basically what we are doing with pregnancy massage is we are trying to relax the muscles and relax the muscles that are around the pelvis in order for a woman to have a child with a natural birth. The pelvis has to open up and there is a ligament that holds the pelvis together, but that ligament has to tear apart during childbirth. The pelvis has to open up in order for the head of the baby to drop through it, in order for her have a natural childbirth. So therefore all those muscles have to be working properly down in the pelvis area and the more relaxed the woman is, the easier it is for a woman to have a natural childbirth. Of course I think that most women that are pregnant will understand the definition of back pain and of lower back pain because of the fact that when they are carrying another person in front of them of course they are putting a strain on their back. And another reason it is putting a strain on her back is because there is agonist and antagonist type thing in the muscle. Muscles only move bone one way. In other words if you want to put your arm up you use certain muscles, so if you want to put your arm down you use other muscles. The bicep brings the arm up and the arm forward. So in order for that to happen, the triceps muscle has to relax. So the bicep is the agonist and the triceps is the antagonist, because it is relaxing. The biceps the agonist is the one doing the work. Now in order to bring the arm down, just the opposite has to happen. The tricep has to work and the biceps have to relax. So they switch positions; now the triceps is the agonist and the biceps is the antagonist.

So if one of them didn't relax while you are trying to work the other one you couldn't move the arm. The agonist and the antagonist to the back muscles are the abdominal muscle. The abdominal muscles and the back muscles work as the agonist and the antagonist. So when a woman is pregnant, then of course her abdominal muscles are stretched and they are working a lot harder and so therefore the back muscles are working hard also. So pregnancy massage works to relax those back muscles, and somewhat on the abdominal muscles to help them work properly. But it is also working on all the muscles, piriformis and the pelvis. It helps the pelvis muscles to relax, so when its time for the pelvis to open up during labor then they can do it better.

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