How To Prepare Your Child's Baptism In The Catholic Church

What to remember in planning your child's baptism in the catholic church. It's only done once in a lifetime. Proper preparation makes it more memorable.

Baptism can be a real puzzle for some parents and can be an unforgettable tragedy for your child if it is not planned properly. From looking for the appropriate baptismal gown to selection of the right godparents to dealing with your parish priest, your child's once-in-a-lifetime baptism deserves to be prepared wisely for a truly memorable event.

Negotiate with your parish. It is wise to start our preparation with contacting your parish. Find out about the seminars required from parents and godparents. It is important for everyone to understand the essence of this wonderful sacrament in the catholic faith. The symbols used in the ritual are rich: the water, the candle, the oil of chrism, the white garment and the name. Find out how these material things relate to the specialty, distinctiveness, and importance of your child in the eyes of god and people.

Do godparents have to be catholic? How many godparents are we allowed? Some parishes do not restrict the number of the godparents but require at least be catholic. As you try to be selective in the characteristics of your child's godparents, please do not underestimate the love and good examples of willing-to-be-godparents that are not catholic.

How much does it cost to have my baby baptized? Do we need to provide the candle? Churches articulate that the collections they receive are allocated for pastoral works. Please be sensible in realizing how church works and how important their ministry is towards the christening of your child.

Does my baby really have to wear a white gown? Traditionally, the white color represents purity and worthiness in the presence of God. Talk to your parish priest who has a good opinion on the issue of the color of baptismal garment on the ceremony. What method of baptism shall we apply, immersion or sprinkling? What do we do during the ceremony? Can we baptize him or her within the mass? Good negotiations and referrals from your parish priest will provide clearer expectation and understanding on the questions.

The reception. Baptism has the real family feel to it. Invite the whole clan, if possible. Babies as young as they are can feel the vivaciousness of the atmosphere and what's more special for a new member of the family than letting him or her feel the family environment that there is?

When choosing the reception place, do not forget to check the availability of the changing room. Changing nappy and breastfeeding sessions for both you and your guests with babies will be hassle-free with the convenient rooms nearby ready to use.

It is nice to have someone giving the toast. The grandfather is the ideal person. But uncles and other close relatives will do just fine. Although wines and other alcoholic beverages may not be available, lemonade, ginger beer, or cola is just as appropriate to use for toast and say "Ëścheers'. The naming has been done in the church ceremony and now let's celebrate!

Consider lunch as the time for your reception. You may choose dinner but you may also want to have your baby awake at the time of his or her baptism's celebration.

That nice reception does not always have to be in a restaurant. You may opt for a park or a beach where guests and their babies and children can have wider playgrounds to run around. Parks that already have the convenience of rides, toys and comfort rooms will be a wise option. At home will do just as fine.

For Memory. Consider the convenience of using videos and automatic cameras as opposed to using the SLR manual cameras to capture the highlights of the ceremony and the reception. The priest submerging him or her in the water, lighting the Paschal candle, anointing him or her with the oil of chrism are all happening in motion that can never be repeated. If you've missed these significant parts of the ritual because you were still adjusting the lenses of your camera, you've lost the precious pictures.

The use of signature dolls to pass around and have everyone sign on it has been getting popular. This doll will be kept as a memorabilia of who attended the ceremony. If dolls are not your types go for the usual cards. They are easy to find and have a bigger space to write on.

Please do not limit your creativity in making the reception and the overall celebration as memorable and as fabulous as possible as you, at the same time, regard this solemn sacrament a significant chapter in your child's faith.

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