How Do You Prepare Your House For A Home Inspection?

How do you prepare your house for a home inspection? Remove all junk before a home inspector gets there. The home inspector is not allowed to move things. He can only inspect what is actually visible. Remove...

Remove clutter! If you go to my site, I have a picture of exactly what I am talking about. Out here in Arizona, a lot of the water heaters are in the garage. The garage is not where people usually keep the car. It is where they keep their junk. Sometimes the water heater is not accessible at all because you can't see it. The water heater is in the corner, and the home owner has got boxes piled up. Sometimes, I can't even read the labels on it. You have to know that it is accessible. Home inspectors can't move anything to inspect. If it is not accessible, then we cannot inspect it. The attic is another place that is hard to get to. The attic, which might be used for storing Christmas items, is usually extremely hard to look around. You can't even get to the unit that might be up in the attic. To prepare for a home inspector, the home owner should clean out those areas and get them prepared to be seen with free access. The buyer wants the seller to be honest. Another one is animals. Sometimes dogs in the backyard are hazardous. You can't even get to the back yard, and they will bite your head off. The back yard is where they might have an air conditioning unit. The seller is not getting the complete inspection, and the buyer can certainly be angry about that.

However, just have the main components of the home accessible. You may have many cleaning items under your sink. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if the sink has ever had a leak. This can be a good thing for the seller though. He can get a partial inspection of the major components. This way he can see how his house sits. He can fix those items, and he can attend to them before the actual sale comes up. He can get another home inspector to come in. This way, he gets a cleaner bill of health for a home. There will be no surprises down the road.

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