Preparing For The Birth Of Your Newborn Baby

Checklist of what you need to remember to bring to the hospital when you go into labor.

As your due date approaches, it is a good idea to have your bags already packed for the hospital. You should be packed about two weeks ahead of your due date. You need to pack things that will make your child's birth easier. You want to feel comfortable during the experience. The following lists are items that need to be packed for mom, dad and baby.


[] 2 pillows and favorite cases

[] socks

[] nightgown (nursing)

[] undergarments

[] robe, slippers

[] nursing bras, nursing pads

[] sanitary napkins (overnights)

[] cosmetics

[] toothbrush

[] toothpaste, mouthwash

[] hair care items

[] scrunchie (keep hair back during labor)

[] loose clothes to wear home

[] picture or item to focus on

[] lamaze bag: massage oils, lotions, squeeze

squeeze balls, lollipops


[] insurance information

[] snacks (in case cafeteria is closed)

[] change of clothes

[] toiletries

[] list of people and their phone numbers to

notify of birth


[] sleeper/gown with mittens

[] clothes to wear home

[] receiving blanket

[] installed infant car seat

***Don't forget

[] music (cd or tape player)

[] camera

[] film

[] video camera

[] blank tapes

[] batteries

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