Preparing For A Job Interview

Preparing can make the difference between a successful job interview and a disastrous one.

Not sure if you've got the right credentials to learn that dream job? Though it's your resume that gets you the call from an employer, it's your ability to sell your own skills with confidence that will land you that next perfect job. Following are several ways in which you can make sure that all of your job interviews are successful ones.

CONFIDENCE: The key to impressing anyone in life - a friend, coworker, recruiter - is to display a great deal of confidence in all that you do. This rule is especially true when it comes to job interviewing. An employer wants to believe that, by hiring you, you'll contribute to the company both with professional accomplishments, and with your winning personality. He or she wants to know that they are hiring someone who is likely to advance in the company and go places. The way to prove to an interviewer that you can and will do a job well is to display a large amount of confidence.

RESEARCH: One of the most important things you can do before any interview is to engage in a bit of research. Research the company, the area, the job, and the industry. You can even go so far as to research the person (or people) who will be interviewing you. You can never know too much going into a job interview. The best way to enter into this type of situation is to think of a job interview as a sort of oral presentation. Be prepared to speak, at length and with authority, about the topic at hand. You should be aware that it is not uncommon for an interviewer to come right out and ask you a question along the lines of "What exactly do you know about this company?" or "Tell me the kinds of tasks you think this position entails." You should be prepared to answer such questions and should never step foot in the door if you feel the least bit lacking in knowledge in any area you might be asked about.

PRACTICE: One household item that can certainly come in handy when it comes time to go on a job interview is a mirror. And a tape recording device can be one of the best things for you when the only thought in your mind is on acing that next job interview. If you want to impress the interviewer (and you should), remember that - as mentioned before - confidence is the key. But how can you display confidence when you're really shaking in your boots about the interview? By practicing at home and knowing what you're going to say. Sit with a friend, family member, or in front of a mirror and figure out the best answers to give and the way in which you should deliver them. Remember that body language can say just as much about a person as the actual words he or she speaks. If you don't seem at ease or are the least bit fidgety, a recruiter will notice. Practicing at home before the big day will allow you the luxury of seeming relaxed and confident.

ANTICIPATE: The last way in which you can help to ensure that all your job interviews are successful ones kind of goes along with the idea of practice. While it's fine to say that you will practice, how do you know what kinds of things to say? The best way to practice is to anticipate the questions that might be asked of you. Look into the many career-oriented books and Websites out there and figure out, based on your own personal experiences and work history, what questions you'll likely be asked. This can help in your preparation for an interview and, if you practice enough, it can aid you in the confidence department as well.

Finding a new job as easy. You just have to know how to charm each and every interviewer you meet when it comes time to interview. Follow the above-listed suggestions and you should have no problem making that dream job your job.

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