Preparing For A Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview will only benefit you, learn how to overcome your fears.Get the inside tips on how to impress your potential employer.

Do you enjoy going for job interviews? Most, likely the experience is not something that you look forward to with eager anticipation. Most people, in fact, feel pretty scared when faced with the prospect of the dreaded interview. Just thinking about it can make some break out in a cold sweat. Yet, you need to go through the interview process in order to secure a job. So, how can you survive, even thrive at, the job interview?

The key to success is preparation. Think about what your strengths and weaknesses are. Realistically assess these qualities as if you were an objective outsider. This assessment will prevent you from becoming too cocky in your job expectations. If you are a young person entering the workforce, you should expect to start at the bottom of the ladder. By performing your duties well and proving yourself honest and reliable you will earn the right for advancement. The first thing, then, is not to apply for jobs that are beyond your current level of experience and expertise.

A golden rule to keep in mind is that first impressions are lasting impressions. Therefore, groom yourself well and dress professionally for the interview. Give an initial impression that you know how to care for yourself. If applying for an office job, dress as a business person dresses. In a factory situation, wear clean pressed slacks and shirt with neat looking shoes. Avoid blue jeans and sneakers. If you are a woman dress modestly and use cosmetics sparingly.

Always go to an interview alone. If you bring your mother or a friend, the employer may conclude that you are immature. During the interview never bluff or lie about your experience. If this is your first job, then say so. Think, however, of any experience you may be able to mention. Baby-sitting, summer jobs, training in public speaking are things that could be mentioned and included on your resume.

Prior to the interview you should have done some research on the company and the job being offered. The interviewer will no doubt ask you specific questions about these things. Answering well shows a sincere interest in the position being offered and a keenness to be involved. You must convince the interviewer that you want to do the work, that you can do it and that you want the chance to prove it.

Be business like and formal during the interview. Don't slouch in your chair. Look alert and interested. Think before answering questions. Have 3 references - with complete contact details - ready to hand over. Use proper English and speak slowly and clearly. Listen carefully and respectfully to what the interviewer has to say. Don't mention any personal problems to him. If it becomes clear that you will not get the job, ask the interviewer for any advice on how you can improve at your next interview and about any other openings the firm may have.

After the interview you should send a brief thank you note to the interviewer.

Don't expect to get a job off your first interview. By sticking at it, though, and taking initiative you can win that job. Go to it.

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