Preschool Science Projects

Easy, educational science projects for preschoolers. Teach your young child about science using magnets, plants, the weather, and growth charts.

Your preschooler is eager to learn about the world. Take advantage of this time to instill a love of science within your child. It's easy and fun with simple science activities like the ones I have listed for you below.

1. Weather watchers. You and your child can begin to learn about the environment, seasons, and changes in the weather together. Keep a daily log of the weather. Let your preschooler draw the sun, rain, snow, whatever weather conditions prevail, on this log. Write in some daily comments. Watch the trees, plants, grass, etc. Let your preschooler draw monthly pictures of your backyard plant life. Discuss the changes. Save this treasure for years to come!

2.Magnet play. Buy some cheap magnets. See what you can pick up with them. Talk about why magnets attract things. Play with the magnets. Show your child how they can repel and attract each other. Look for magnets around your house. Have fun!

3. Plant a window garden with your preschooler. Find out from your local nursery what plants are easiest to grow. Bean plants are always a fairly easy and very fun plant for preschoolers to take care of with just a little adult help. Watch the plant's progress. Talk about the changes that take place as it grows. Your preschooler will beam with pride over that bean plant!

4. Teach your child about measurements. Chart his/her height and weight on a monthly basis. There are many affordable, attractive charts that can be hung in a child's room for just this purpose.

5. Explore the night skies together. Take your child out and star gaze! Look for the constellations. Point out the different phases of the moon. Take a book out from your local library and read about how the constellations got their names.

6. Cloud watch together, too. Note the changes in the weather and the way the clouds change when the weather changes. Look for little black rain clouds. Point out big fluffy cumulus clouds. Have fun. Let your preschooler's imagination soar. What do the clouds look like? The sky's the limit!

7. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Take your child on a bug hunt. See how many bugs you can find in your backyard. Discuss why some bugs are insects, and others are not. (Insects have 6 legs, three body sections, feelers, and most likely wings, as well.)

8. Bird watch. What do birds eat? How many different kinds of birds live in your neighborhood? Preschoolers love to play games like "Name that Bird," to show off what they've learned. To play, simply look for birds in your yard, point them out one at a time to your child, and say, "Name that bird!"

These are only a few of the everyday science activities that you can do with your preschooler. The activities are limited only by your imagination. When in doubt, ask your preschooler what he/she wants to learn about today. Collect rocks! Look for seashells! Explore the world of science everyday.

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