Preschooler Development : Enhancing Their Reading And Writing Skills

Preschooler development: I found ways to incorporate teaching my daughter comprehension skills while maintaining my household duties. There are many fun ways to keep them interested and enhance their skills all at once.

Children are an enormous responsibility; they require constant care and attention 24/7. Finding and making the time to spend teaching them can be difficult at times. I have found some ways to incorporate our teaching/learning time into our busy lifestyle.

A great place to teach your children new things is when you are driving your car or when you are out for a walk. A lot of the time children are always asking questions about things they see outside. Instead of just nodding your head or answering a one-syllable word expand on it, ask them what color they think it is, or how many do they see? Or for example, if you see a tractor, you could say; I see the yellow tractor, or yes that is one tractor, or tractors start with "˜T'. Then you might say the T sound and other words that start with T. Of course this applies to anything and everything, but it is an easy way to make use of travel time with your kids. Unfortunately, parents tend to be to tired to respond actively when their children ask questions. An important point we need to keep in mind as parents is that this is such a short time in your life and your childs life. It is important to make the effort at this age when it matters the most.

Another way I have found to help my daughter comprehend letters, numbers etc. is to make up songs, and kids can remember a song after hearing it a few times. The song can be sung to a familiar tune, it doesn't have to rhyme, it just has to be fun for children. Their brains are like sponges, soaking up information. We also do shadows on the walls with our fingers, making shapes of letters; this actually has been a big hit. Not only does this type of learning play increase their mental skills, it also increases their creativity. Teaching your children can be simpler if you try to think like them. Thinking like them is half the battle. What excites them and inspires them, may be different from what excites you. They have creative minds just awaiting stimulation. You just need to be imaginative when you are with your children and there are many opportunities to expand their learning skills. Even with crafts you can incorporate many learning skills. Colors, letters, motor skills. Chalkboards are a great asset in the home with preschoolers; it makes writing fun for them. Having a chalkboard setup in the kitchen can keep them busy learning while you are attending to household demands. Fridge magnets are fun for kids, they are available in the shapes of numbers and letters. Try to remember, when talking with your child you can turn their curious questions into an in-depth discussion, and they benefit from this greatly. If you have a computer at home there are many websites available for kids.

A good time to make use of this is when you have paper work, bills etc, to take care of. You can sit at your desk and tend to your business while your child plays computer games. This way you are available to help them while they are learning. Following some of these guidelines will ensure a good development for your child and create a closer relationship between you and your child. Just be sure to keep it fun and interesting. Once you start it is like a "˜snowball effect' it just keeps going. They will continue to thrive on learning stimulation.

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