Pressure Washer Reviews: Electric Vs Gas

Read this article to find out which pressure washer willbe the best one for you!

Basically, a pressure washer is a water pump and a motor on wheels that is powered by some sort of energy. The energy is either electric or gas. These power machines are great for cleaning the siding on your house, gutters, your driveway, lawn furniture, boats, cars, motorcycles, and more!

If you're in the market for a pressure washer, but you're not sure which one - electric or gas- would be the right power for you, then here are some facts that will help you decide:

1. Portability

An electric powered washer, of course, needs a constant source of power. So, if you're going to use the machine around the house, all you need to do is plug it in. You may need to use a heavy duty extension cord to reach all the way around your house to clean the siding. But, that's the biggest drawback. That, and because the machine will be connected to a cord which is plugged in, you'll have to be careful when you move it.

On the other hand, a gas powered pressure washer will go anywhere you need it to. As long as you have plenty of gas on hand, you can effortlessly move the machine to any location. You can move it around the outside of your house, to a barn or to a separate pole building- anywhere.

2. Pressure

Generally, electric power washers don't offer the same high amounts of pressure as a gas powered one does. These electric machines are usually the low pressure models. Low pressure might work fine on jobs such as cleaning the siding on your house, but for a real dirty job, you'll want all of the pressure that you can get.

A small electric powered washer can put out approximately a thousand to two thousand pounds of pressure. A small gas powered machine will range in horsepower from six to fifteen. It will give you

anywhere from two to five thousand pounds of pressure. So, you can see the obvious difference there.

3. Costs

If you're working with a tight budget, and costs are a major factor, then you might consider purchasing an electric machine over a gas powered one. There is more than one cost associated with purchasing and using any type of pressure washer. First, of course, is the cost to purchase it. A gas machine will usually cost more to purchase it than an electric machine. A gas machine will cost more to maintain it since it has more moving parts than will eventually wear out and need replaced. And, a gas machine will naturally cost more to operate. This is because the price of a gallon of gas is much higher than a kilowatt of electric.

4. Miscellaneous Pros and Cons

Pro: electric pressure washers are quiet, and they don't give off toxic fumes and odors.

Con: a gas powered machine must be operated in an area that is well ventilated.

Pro: both an electric and a gas powered pressure washer has attachments such as brushes and

spray nozzles that can help to increase the water flow. These attachments can also make the job at hand easier to tackle.

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